3D Scanning Does Holographic Technology

A 3d Scanning services solves the puzzle

There are some puzzling things in life. Why do people park in a driveway and drive on parkway? Why does Hawaii have an interstate highway? Why do fat chance and slim chance have the same exact meaning? What word has the same meaning as synonym? I am sure that you have heard those all before. There is a newer puzzlement that has recently started to appear on your screens. That is, how can we call it 3D if we are watching it on a flat screen?  That is the new question. Instead of trying to find a smarty pants answer to a dumb question, We should talk about those smarty pants working on a way to getting that 3D image out of the flat screen into reality. Who is doing this? None other than those guys wearing the fancy pants with 3D scanning services.

Make it real with 3D scanning

If you have been to Disneyland, then you have at some point got a taste of what I am going to talk about. I am talking about holographic images. I am not just talking about for gamers or for Skype calling your grandma. I am talking about taking 3D scanning services technology and injecting it right into a field that saves lives. The medical field is what I am talking about. You know doctors are the ones who do the most for us simply by looking at an image on a flat surface. They make life or death decisions based on a 3D image that is on a flat surface. How much better would it help them if they could view the insides of your body with a 3D holographic image. If they could see your insides as three dimension picture, it could save lives. We know that doctors are not perfect. They train hard and do their best. At the same time, though, they are limited just as we are by our perceptions. The better our vision is, the better we can make decisions about what we see. 3D scanning services used to make holographic images does just that.

3D scanning services does medical magic

The technology we are talking about is called EchoPixel. Basically what EchoPixel does is take MRI and CT scan make them into a 3D holographic image. You could say that the software extracts data from a 2D image to create a 3D holographic image. Now doctors are able to really look at the problem in a whole new dimension. This isn’t something that is coming down the pipe either. This technology is already being used by medical professionals in hospital. The results have been promising, too. Doctors are able to detect problems much quicker than without the 3D holographic images. Without a doubt this technology is starting to catch the eye of many investors. It looks promising.

I suppose this isn’t 3D scanning services in the traditional sense. This is more 2D scanning converted into 3D. The important thing is that the end result is the same.  3D technology is helping people in the medical field and I sure it is going to help people in many other fields as people start to put their creative and innovative minds to work. 

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