Why is 3D Scanning an Indispensable Part of Education?

Imagine a world, where you could design, make and invent just by pressing the ‘print’ or the ‘scan’ button. Yes! 3D scanning is making dreams come true.

Forget about going to the shopping mall, just create a digital shirt by scanning a real one, download it and print a new shirt for your kid. All this might sound straight from Harry Potter’s movie, but the technology is knocking on your door. If until now, you have associated 3D scans to the creation  of Christmas ornaments, the large assortment of application of 3D scan might surprise you. Education is one sector, which is accepting the technology with open hands because kids are embracing it. It is empowering to unleash their creativity and making even the challenging topics like anatomy and physics easy. Using the 3Ds scanned models kids can study the cross-section of the vital organs without using any surgical instruments.  Better still, the educators can explain tough concepts like the theory of relativity, gravity and thermodynamics using 3D scanned objects.

If the umpteen benefits of this technology are still not creating any spark, read ahead to know why it has become an integral part of education in a short duration.

3D scanning: the future of stem

In STEM ( Science, Technology. Engineering and Mathematics)many concepts are abstract and difficult to grasp. Most of the learning is focused on the concepts, and if the concepts are weak, your kid will find it difficult to cope up with the studies. Manipulating and scanning 3D images on the screen is an enriching experience and proves as a valuable learning experience. Also, 3D scanning is capable of increasing the attention span of the kids. Due to the numerous advantages, educators are focusing on using 3D scans to make STEM education fun and involving.

For example, geometry will become a breeze once the kids have the shapes in their hand. Rather than wrestling with weird equations and diagrams, kids can now visualize the shapes they study. The 3D technology has come as a boon for students who earlier feared math. It’s helping them understand the beautiful world of equations, numbers, and shapes in real-time.

The low cost of high performance

3D scanning is fueling collaborative relationships in schools because a kid experiments to find the optimum solution for their problem. It’s empowering the kids to make changes and decide what’s ideal for their design. The 3D technology is helping kids to understand the ideal condition for scanning. Do they require a particular angle to scan the object? Or Should they scan from a particular height to get the best results? 3D scans have come as a boon because it’s enabling the kids to interact with history, science and math in the flesh.

Also, according to research, the projected size of the global market for 3D scanning by 2025 is $8 billion. The technology is going to become prominent in the coming years and will change the way education is being carried out.

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