3D Scanning Fish Faces

A 3d Scanning services knows a fishy smile

When you don’t know someone very well and try to remember their name, you say, “What’s his face?” Well, it turns out that a group of scientists are saying, “What’s his face?” about some fish. The only way I have ever been able to distinguish fish is by looking at the color of their skin. I know rainbows from browns. By looking at their size I can tell something about their age. I can’t say much about faces, though. I don’t know any fish personally. We once did have a goldfish as a pet, but if you switched him out with another one, I probably would not know. Anyways, scientists are using technology to discern fish by their face. To do this, they are using 3D scanning services.

track fish with 3D scanning

Have you ever looked a fish in the face? The scientists at Cermaq Group AS have. In fact, they have looked at more than just one. They are doing a facial-recognition fish project on fish farms. You actually thought that the animal world was exempt from big brochacho watching your every movie. Nope. Those fish are being face scanned just like the rest of us. The reason for this strange operation is to keep the fish safe. They aren’t just looking at any fish, though. They are just looking at the salmon faces. More specifically, they are looking at farmed salmon faces. Apparently there is a thing called sea-lice that is dangerous to fish. Some of these fish have been infected with it and they want to keep track of how the lice is spreading. So what on earth and farm does this have to do with 3D scanning services? Well, my fish loving friend, the reason for scanning the fish is because the disease shows in the face.

Get the problem under control with 3D scanning services

So what is wrong with a little sea lice in the salmon? First off, it’s not just a little. It’s a lot. It turns out that this little bug is a big culprit costing over a billion bucks to treat. So what they are doing is bringing in 3D scanning services technology to monitor the problem. This is like a testing ground for a surveillance society. Start with the fish. Every salmon will be marked so that we can monitor how many of them have sea lice. When you go to take the subway you see cameras all around. Well, this iFarm system is going to do the same underwater. The cameras will be set in underwater locations scanning fish faces, so that they can track where fish are going and where they are getting their food.

If this whole story sounds a bit fishy, well, it is. It is all about the fish. It has nothing about you, which I know that pops a bubble. It is also all about the 3D scanning technology that is used to track these fish down and keep them healthy. Actually there are some others who are in on this too. A company called Cargill Inc is looking into using 3D scanning services to scan cow faces. Don’t be surprised if the animal kingdom comes up with their own version of Facebook.

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