3D Scanning Makes Shopping a Little Easier

find your next pair of jeans with 3D scanning

Okay. We have all seen it.  Standing by the dressing room is a guy looking at his mobile phone holding a purse. He has been there for hours. He has no escape and he is starting to think that there is no hope of ever leaving.  She comes out, looks up and down at herself in the mirror, looks at the mirror at herself over her shoulder with discontented look on her face, and then frolics back into in the dressing room to try on something else. The guy start to think how he can make one of those clothes hangers into a noose. This shopping scene can really be a drag, especially if you don’t really care about shopping. The truth is that you just want to get out and on with your life!  Well, there seem to be a way that 3D scanning services are going to help you out. No more standing and waiting. The dressing room is going to move itself into the virtual world, so that they can try on all those skirts and shirts without even stepping into the shop.  Does that sound awesome or what?!


competing with online retail?

First we have to understand that online clothes shopping isn’t ever going to stop. That won’t change, but the place where we shop will.   As online shopping methods figure out better ways to draw in their customers, online shopping will probably take over. Right now it seems though that most people would still rather go down to the local shop and try things on.  After all, returning products is a pain. Not only that, but it costs precious time, not to mention what it costs for the retailer to deal with returned products. Every year, retailers across the globe lose billions of dollars just on returned products.

3d scanning helps match you with a perfect fit!

Online retail needs a new way to attract customers, and it needs a way to reduce return rates, so that customers and retailers can both save time and money.  In fact, part of attracting customers will not be so hard since people are becoming more and more computer savvy. The good news is that companies like Biometrics and Style are developing a way that customers can buy products that fit their body size.  And no, I don’t mean just by looking at the tag on the back. I mean that they use 3D scanning services that do a full body scan of a customer. Once that is done, the company can use that information to help customers know what clothing will be a perfect match.  Certain clothing stores who partner with Bodymetrics, like Bloomingdale’s, can access that information to show you which inventory products match your size.

more 3D scanning service booths to come?

Once this gets going, the shopping scene is not going to waste all the time that it used to.  People are going to find things fast online. Unfortunately, though, the time you will have to spend will be looking for one of their 3D scanning service booths.  Right now there aren’t too many. Other than that, time will be saved. And with the way shopping seems to be moving towards cyber space, and the way people like to do everything online, I don’t suppose it will be long before we will all be looking at ourselves in those new outfits even before we step outside the house.

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