3D Scanning Services For Industrial Plant Projects

3D scanning beats old school

Data collection methods for design and renovation for industrial plant projects have come a long ways. In the past most measurements were done with traditional tools like measuring tape with pen and paper. Older design methods were also rough. Engineers had to scratch numbers on a piece of paper to give to the design engineers. From there, engineers would build models using the basic point to point measurements. There would often be mistakes and misunderstandings because the ones building the models had no visuals to look at, they only had the numbers. It’s not hard to guess then that the amount of mistakes were many and this would add time and money to the whole process.The process became much easier with the advent of 3D laser scanner services

The workings of 3D scanning services

3D scanning is a high-tech measuring device that measures location by reading light waves as they reflect off of an object. A laser within the scanner projects onto the object and and those lightwaves come back, they can be measured and recorded as a location point. Many of these points put together for the point cloud which can then be made into a digital representation of the object. In other words, the 3D scanner can create a digital image of the object. When many of these scans are done on a certain project, they can then be patched together to make one single image.

3D scanning gives you more

3D scanning services can get the job done. For example, the engineers may need to scan a complicated piping system. The complexity of the arrangement of pipes would make using the traditional method of data collection very time consuming, difficult, and dangerous. 3D scanning services resolves this difficulty. More than just collecting the data much more quickly, the 3D scanning device collect much more data. It doesn’t just collect distances from between two points to determine length, but collects every point in between. The data can show bends, dents, or bulging in structural components.

Avoid mistakes with 3D scanning services

3D scanning can speed up the data collection processes for industrial plant design and renovation projects. Using this technology can be a huge advantage mapping out a facility or measure structural components so that there will be no problems when it comes time to build. Wrong measurements or assuming that structures are the same as they appear on diagrams can lead to trouble down the road. The time it takes to go in and correct an error only adds to the cost and time of the project. Not only this, but 3D scanning adds an element of safety to the project since data collection requires much less time and can be retrieved without contact. 

3D scanning services is definitely the best way to go about collecting data for industrial plant projects. That’s not all. 3D scanning services can also be used for a wide range of other fields, like automotive manufacturing, medical, aerospace, education, and so much more. In fact, in any place where retrofit or reversers engineering is needed, 3D scanning services can get the job done.

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