3D Scanning That Might Gross You Out

What Genre of 3D Scanning?

What is your favorite genre of movie? Do you prefer the romantic comedy like Princess Bride where a bunch of ridiculous stuff happens and then they live happily ever after? Or do you prefer the cheesy sci-fi movie? That’s the type of movie where if they don’t do it right it turns out to be a romantic comedy. The reason is because you start to laugh at the mistakes in the movie and then start paying more attention to the person you are watching the movie with. Maybe you enjoy one of those horror movies that cause people to cringe  with chainsaws and creepy music. I don’t like them, but if 3D scanning services were to pick a movie genre it would probably be a bloody horror movie. Why do I say this? The reason is because of a 3D CT scanner that scans you body to the bone. It shows all of the tissues and blood vessels. It is really quite gross. It is also quite amazing.

3D Scanning to the Bone

There is a new scanner out there that is giving everyone the chills. X-Ray scans of the body are nothing new. Scanners have for while been able to give the inside look at the body. This time it is different. 3D scanning services along with this 3D CT scanner can do all that in vivid detail. In fact, it is so detailed that it just might gross you out. One popular scan that a lot of people have passed around on the internet is one of a hand. This particular scan shows everything, bones, blood veins, muscle tissue. It is all there in detail. The image being shown around is an scan done by a radiologist, Anthony Butler, from the University of Canterbury and Otago, located in New Zealand. The is actually his hand that is scanned. He and his father created the MARS scanner which was used to perform the scan.

What is The Freaky Reason?

So what is the purpose of this highly details cross-section 3D CT scanner? The reason why Butler and his father created this was not just to freak us out. The idea was that this scanner might be useful someday in detecting problems with blood vessels, bone disease, and even cancer. Millions of people today are getting CT scans. It is hoped that this technology is going to help doctors make a better diagnosis of whatever problem the patient is facing. It is not being used in hospitals at the moment, but it is hoped that it soon will be.  

It turns out that the 3D CT scanner is not meant just to gross everybody out like at the movies, but it is hoped that people can be helped to live healthier lives. If it does gross a patient out, though, there need not be worry. The scans are really only for the doctor to see.  He or she only need to hide it from view. As long as the doctor can use it to get discover whatever problems are there, the mission will be accomplished. So the next time you go to the movies and sit down to watch a scary movie, remember what 3D scanning services is doing behind the scenes.

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