3D Scanning Used By Comedian to Make Puppets

3d laser scanning makes your decorations even more fun

What do 3D scanning services have to do with comedy? “Nothing,” you say? Well, the joke’s on you, because 3D laser scanning is moving into comedy to steal the show.  No, I don’t mean that were going to be seeing laser scanner stand-ups, but make no mistake, 3D laser scanning services are going having a sideshow.  So before you put on that heckler hat, let me tell you the 3D printed punchline..

jeff dunham uses 3d scanning to make his fun friennds

Guys like Jeff Dunham, a super funny guy, has dipped his humor in the tech bowl to see how a little 3D scanning might flavor his crowds. First, to give you a little slap on Jeff Dunham. Jeff is a comedian, but not your usual stand-up guy who only goes up with a mic. This guy brings-on not just the funny, but he brings puppets! That’s right. He is a ventriloquist. If you have watched this guy, you realize that he has got some serious talents. He can hold two puppets and orchestrate a three-person conversation. You might want to check him out.  Anyways, Jeff does some cool things with his props, and one cool thing is that he uses 3D scanning services to make his puppets.

As I mentioned before, when you heard the words 3D laser scanning services, the comedy world wouldn’t be the first thing that came to mind.  But this just goes to show you the versatility and scope of 3D laser scanning services. It can be used in more ways that you could imagine. There is no better example than with Jeff and his puppets. Jeff uses laser scanning to create some of his new puppets, and he also uses it to replace old puppets that start falling apart.  When you use something over and over again, it won’t be long before that things needs to be replaced. If he can keep a digital copy of all of his puppets, then he can have them printed as he needs. That is some serious funny business.

imagination unhinged

The cool thing about Dunham’s idea is that 3D laser scanning services allow him to do what he wants.  He doesn’t have to go down to the costume shop and choose what they have available and then try think of a routine.  He can start with his own imagination and then go from there. Maybe he wants to do a famous person, a puppet of his own creation, or even a puppet of himself!  The possibilities are as endless. All he needs to do is find the target to scan.

If you ever have a chance to check out one of his comedy show, just remember that his humor has a certain flavor that some people might find offensive, so if you like good clean family-safe knee-slapping humor, you might want to stick with the Muppets or something like that.  Or maybe you can make your own puppets by using a 3D laser scanning services to do your own show.

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