3D Scanning Your Foot For A Good Fit

Just Do some 3D scanning

Nike has something to say to all of us, and I think you know what it is. JUST DO IT! That should get us all pumped up and ready to run out the door saying “I can, I will, I must!” We might do well to ask a very important question before we take in all that adrenaline, and before we pump it to our brain and start a whole lot doing. We need to ask “Do WHAT?” Well, I am glad that you asked, and now that you have, I am going to give you the answer. What we should be doing is taking the advantage of 3D scanning services.  That, at least, is what Nike is going to do. Nike has a plan to scan. Yep, that’s right. Nike is DOING IT by taking in an Israeli team located in Tel Aviv called Invertex Ltd. Together with them they plan to apply 3D laser scanning services to your foot.

Serious about footwear

So why does Nike want to do foot scanning? We do know that Nike is in the foot wear business, but is it necessary for them to get a scan of my foot? Well, one thing is for sure, Nike is serious about it’s footwear. I’m sure they wouldn’t be doing anything unless it was profitable. It’s going to be great for their company. I am sure they wouldn’t do it unless it made us want to buy more of their shoes. Nike, with Invertex, is set out to give athletes a much better footwear experience. The CEO of Invertex, David Bleicher, is the guy who helped co-found the company. Originally he was taking leadership responsibilities in the medical field that dealt with 3D scanning and design. It was there that Bleicher realized that there was a growing need for 3D scanning services to be used in the footwear industry.

the right mix

What is it about Invertex that made a big guy Nike want to acquire them. Well the answer lies in the customers, and Invertex technology helps match the customer’s foot with the shoes that he needs. The Invertex system stores a 3D foot scan of all of its customers. The system knows the choices when a customer comes in to buy a pair of shoes . The system can instantly tell them what shoes are a good fit. This saves the hassle of having to pull out multiple boxes of shoes to find the right fit. We all have different foot sizes, and not all standards work the same for all brands. A person who is used to wearing a 10.5 Adidas might wear something a little different in Nike size.  

Whatever the case may be, Bleicher and his company apparently are doing a fantastic job. Millions of people love to wear Nike stuff. The shoes and apparel that they make are of top quality, and they have high standards for maintaining great customer satisfaction. For them to take on Invertex says that Invertex has the skill to keep up the standard. So remember that Nike is using 3D scanning services to guarantee your satisfaction the next time you see some guy walking down the street with a JUST DO IT shirt on, . As for a Nike and Invertex combo, I’d say if the shoe fits, wear it!

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