3D Systems ColorJet 3D Printer - Delivering Photo Realistic Full Color 3D Printing

3D Systems, founded in Valencia CA, has released their line of ProJetCJP x60 series 3D printers. These printers employ ColorJet Printing technology to produce high-resolution, try full-color realistic models and prototypes. With some of the fastest printing speeds available today, the ProJet CJP x60 series can transform your ideas and models into photo-realistic concept models at up to 7x lower part cost than other technologies. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of this ColorJet printer and how it can bring your projects to life.

A 3D Printer That Delivers Full-Spectrum Color

With the ProJetCJP x60 series 3D printer, you can produce high-res photo-realistic models with full CMYK capabilities to better evaluate the look, feel and style of product designs, without paint. Multiple print heads provide the best range of accurate and consistent colors including gradients. Select from a range of printers and associated color options, from monochrome printing to professional quality color to create stunningly beautiful full color parts. CJP (ColorJet Printing) technology uses halftoning and variable drop-per-voxel techniques. This is possible by using magenta, yellow, cyan and in some printers, black binders to print onto a white powder. Utilizing 3 of the 4 channels of color, CPJ is not limited to one section of the color spectrum. Colors can be placed anywhere on the model and be printed using full texture maps and UV mapping.

color 3d printer hand model
Full color 3D printed anatomical models that will enhance the educational experience.

CPJ 3D Printer: Fast, Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly

CPJ technology allows the fastest print speeds to deliver models in hours, not days, so you can generate multiple iterations at the same time and large parts faster. It also allows you to increase the throughput when you use the stacking and nesting 3D printer capabilities combined with its monochrome mode to print your models up to 35% faster.

Based on reliable and affordable CPJ tech, ProJetCJP x60 can print parts at a fraction of the cost. Featuring efficient material use, you eliminate wasted materials and any unused core materials are recycled. While the closed-loop powder loading, removal, and recycling of natural product based build materials make this printer eco-friendly as well as no support structures to be removed with cutting tools or toxic chemicals.

There is no doubt that the ProJetCJP x60 series can deliver high quality full-color models, weather you’re printing communication models, product prototypes, medical models, industrial parts, educational models, architecture models or entertainment art pieces. There are so many applications for this CPJ printing technology that the possibilities are almost endless. For more information regarding the ProJetCJP x60 series 3D printer, click here. For any and all of your 3D scanning and printing needs, call Arrival 3D at 866-687-7784.

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