3D Laser Scanners Reducing Road Accidents

Technology used to help control the number of vehicle collisions

Technology has progressed so far in the last ten years. With the latest updates in technology, researchers are now finding ways to make our cities safer all across the globe. 3D laser scanners for this area are on a trial basis, they are being used to 3D map where major accidents happen on the road.

This latest advancement in technology could lead to less dangerous drivers on the road, help find out why accidents happen here so that construction can change the system, and it could identify vehicles from the accidents.

Background of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning was created in the 1960s but didn’t gain adoption until the 1990s. Since then, this technology has grown and is being adopted from country to country being used to update consumers’ lives as well as public safety.

These machines started as big cameras that took pictures of an object or scene. Now they have advanced to small handheld devices. Some are even connected to motorized vehicles to take pictures of a dangerous construction site. There are also a few 3D laser scanners that are known to take thousands of images per second, collecting information from all sides of the object.

It has benefited many different fields, expanding the way we think about things and use technology. 3D laser scanning is being used for helping create arms and legs for children. Helping researchers preserve historic artifacts. This technology is helping create safer buildings around the world, as well as rebuild homes in third world countries. 3D laser scanning has now emerged in police departments helping control the number of vehicle collisions.

Police departments are adopting this technology to save lives

A Delhi based firm gave a tutorial of 3D scanner mapping to a police department. They showcased all of the benefits of adopting this new technology. It would show police exactly why accidents were happening, at exactly which point collision occurred, and the best part is this information could be stored forever in the cloud.

“If the trials go well, we will install the system at accident-prone areas in the city, it will help reduce the number of road accidents as the system will make a 3D map of the spot and highlight the reasons of the accidents” Chandigarh Newsline interview from a traffic police officer.

The 3D laser scanner that was shown to the police department can map out a road in four different directions. This allows the collision to be seen from almost every angle, and will explain the exact reason an accident happened. This technology could prevent a vast number of future disasters.

The system will continue to update to capture high-resolution images of each car involved in the accident. Implementing 3D laser scanners to the roads with the highest fatality rate could save many lives.

This technology is evolving and adapting to enrich our everyday lives. As we continue to find more uses for 3D laser scanning, adoption will continue to grow. Safety will continue to increase throughout buildings, construction sites, and roads due to this technology.

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