Good deals to be found in the world of 3D laser scanning services

Everybody loves a good deal, but they can be few and far between when it comes to buying 3D laser scanning services and 3D laser scanning equipment. In fact I’d venture to say that there are ripoffs a-plenty, and one must be patient and diligent for a bargain to come along. As a 3D laser scanning service professional, I’d like to share some tips on getting a good deal on 3D laser scanning services, or buying 3d laser scanning equipment.

The free demo

A demo scan is a great way for someone pinching pennies to get some 3D laser scanning services for free. Let’s say you were interested in perhaps purchasing a 3D laser scanner at some point. You contact the person selling it, who will often be more than willing to do a demo. The trick is to have the demo be applied to something useful or valuable to you. Instead of scanning a plastic Spongebob Squarepants or a statue of a leprechaun, you can whip out a part from a paying gig that your doing. If it’s not too much more difficult than the easy “demo part” that the sales guy had, there’s no reason for him not to do it. You just need to ask him do demo how to export the resulting file and email it to you afterwards. Of course, we wholeheartedly recommend that you not abuse the salesman’s demo. However if you do get a demo, milk it!

Extra time

Here’s a little trick that I probably shouldn’t tell you. 3D laser scanning service companies bill by the day, usually. But quite frequently, the thing being scanned doesn’t take a full day. If the 3D laser scanning service technician finishes scanning your facility early, you could ask him to scan something else. Most of the time they will oblige. 

Used scanners

Buying used scanners is a tricky business. When dealing in the used market, there are some great deals out there but you have to watch out for stolen equipment. There are many stolen scanners that make the rounds on Ebay. If you end up with one, you won’t be able to have your scanner serviced, because the 3D laser scanner manufacturers won’t work on a scanner that has been reported as stolen. In fact they won’t even work on one that hasn’t been officially transferred to your name in their system, which requires a signed document from the former owner. But if you can find a scanner sold by an owner that will transfer ownership, you have a shot. Two of the best bargains out there are the Faro X330 and the Leica C10. They are going for $10-$15K on eBay now, and there is a lot of utility in those instruments. It is wise to buy from someone who accepts returns in case you get a lemon. But a lovingly cared for used instrument can be just as good as new, and 4X cheaper. 

People Printing Businesses

If you call most 3D laser scanning service companies and ask them to scan a person, you are probably going to get a figure north of $1K. But there is a loophole in this situation. There exist companies that can scan a person and duplicate them through 3D printing. They often have clever names like “3D Me” or “Doobed”. They have specially made booths that can scan a person using an array of cameras. They will offer the scan plus 3D print for less than $200. If you can talk them into giving them the scan file they obtained, you end up with a very low cost scan, plus handy paperweight that looks like you. 

3D laser scanning services – a bargain under the right circumstances

3D laser scanning itself can be a bargain at any price if it reduces costs for you. The ability to receive a ready-to-use as-built 3D CAD model can be huge for renovation and remodeling projects. We strive to be the best-priced and highest quality 3D laser scanning service you can find. Call us today to discuss your project. 

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