3D Laser Scanning in The Medical Field

Technology helps to save lives

Many companies with 3D laser scanning devices have changed their focus to help hospitals create masks and ventilators that could save lives. COVID-19 is a terrible virus that has locked down many countries, and every day doctors are battling this sickness and putting their lives at risk. The goal is to stop the spread of this virus and slow it down until we can find a vaccine that will help our sick citizens.

A Lexington company that used 3D laser scanning for pipes has now changed its focus to help this cause. They saw room for opportunity. The chance to help doctors and nurses, so they changed their entire attention to help create resources for the hospitals close by.

Matt Bellis, president of Seikowave, talked to a doctor and decided the company would switch gears. They would use their 3D laser scanning devices to take scans of individuals. From those scans, they would 3D print custom-made masks and ventilators. The original style of ventilators is uncomfortable and not meant to be worn for full shits. This discomfort means more doctors and nurses are more likely to take off their masks despite the risks.

Seikowave is creating custom-fit masks that are comfortable and will protect lives. It will also help the virus from spreading. All over the world, supplies are becoming limited. 3D laser scanning devices can help sustainably create physical printed models. This will help the shortage and hopefully save doctors and nurses from getting sick in the future.

Seikowave turned their entire production room into one that could produce hundreds of custom made facemasks.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology takes thousands of pictures of an object or scene. In this case, it takes photos of a person’s face collecting information on it. It gathers data like texture, color, size, width, and any details in between.

From there, it is stored in the cloud, where it can be used as a future reference. After that, the information can be transferred to a partnering system where it can either be sent across the world in minutes. Or it has the option of being edited and printed into 3D virtual reality. It also has the option of being turned into a 3D model.

3D laser scanning is the best way to create physical models that can actually be put to use. It is sustainable and accurate. It is an incredibly useful technology that is rapidly being adopted. Once we see the unique possibilities that 3D laser scanning creates, we will use this more, and consumers will utilize the technology.

Final thoughts

COVID-19 has consumed our entire world, and now it is up to use to find ways to stop it. Citizens are social distancing; companies are changing their whole procedures to help this situation. The faster we develop better ways to protect our nurses and doctors, the quicker we can get everyone help. 3D laser scanning has helped us and will continue to create ideas for us to improve our safety around the globe.

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