3D Scanning for Everyone

If you’re trying to get into 3D technologies, the one battle you will always encounter is the overall cost of the equipment. Most personal 3D scanners aren’t equipped to capture data with resolution comparable to top of the line scanners. The guys at 3Digify are trying to change that. Their software allows you to use equipment you already have (cameras and a projector) and use it as a 3D scanner with an impressive amount of resolution.

Use the Scanning Tools You Already Have

3Digify is a software that allows you to turn your cameras and projectors into an incredibly accurate 3D 3Digify Scanningscanner. 3Digify is constantly updating its software to allow the user to use multiple kinds of cameras and projectors including webcams, webcams, DSLRs and computer vision cameras. This kind of flexibility is reflected in the 3Digify goal of making this software open source. The scanning software itself is very forgiving for the user in that it does not care which camera model you used, how you positioned the cameras while scanning, if you moved or adjusted the cameras while scanning, or if you turned the object manually, used a turntable or, in case of big objects, moved the scanner around the object. This goes against traditional means of scanning in the fact that typically, the object either cant move, or is on an automated rotating turntable. 3Digify uses the full resolution of your cameras, while professional grade scanning systems typically use low resolution cameras. Plus 3Digify measures the surface precisely at very high resolution with the combination of the projector that will give you higher quality scanning results.


If you are interested in this software project, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page here. There are only 31 days left before the campaign ends. Take advantage of the opportunity to do your own scanning without having to spend a fortune.