All Blues Turning Scans Into Jewelry

A sure way to win someone's heart

Who doesn’t love jewelry? Mixed with some of the world’s highest-tech, it is a sure way to win someone’s heart. Jewelry creates the perfect gift for all occasions and is one of the best ways to create memories. What if we told you there was a way to turn your memories or special items into jewelry using 3D laser scanning? You could turn your favorite teddy bear into a pair of gold studs or even your last month of pregnancy into a pendant to wear for life.

One company has taken this idea and turned it into reality. They have focused on sustainable jewelry since they started and have grown tremendously in the last two years. All Blues is a Stockholm based company that focuses on turning your childhood memory into a wearable relic in hopes you can pass it on to future generations. This latest project is called COPY. Each of their other pieces has a story behind them, creating a unique handcrafted item to wear.

How do they accomplish this

To get an accurate or exact copy of the item you bring in, they use a 3D laser scanning pod. This is an incredible piece of technology that captures precise information on the object you bring in. If something is essential or a detail you don’t want to be left out, 3D laser scanning is the best technology to use.

Once everything is scanned, it is created in Sweden and shipped directly to you. You will have to go in for the initial scan, send your object in, or give them very accurate and precise pictures. If you have access to a 3D laser scanning device, you can take your own scan and share it with them. Every scan can be turned into custom silver into any fashion you want. This means earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or something else you want.

Items you can turn into jewelry

There are a few items and options that this company will allow you to get scans of. The possibilities are quite phenomenal. Though the idea has been done before, and they do not have a patent on the concept or technology, this company has given it its own twist. It allows you to have a few unique options.

  • Teddy Bears- Your favorite childhood relic can easily be scanned.
  • Couples- Do you want to remember the honeymoon phase forever? This technology can capture you effortlessly.
  • Babies- This is a great way to remember your tiny newborn baby.
  • Glasses- Even though glasses are shiny and seem hard to capture detail, 3D laser scanning is so advanced, it can capture many different types of surfaces.
  • Book- Do you have a favorite book that you want to remember forever? This is the perfect way to remember.

This company has adapted to changes and created lines with meaning. Now they are letting you choose what to bring for scanning and what you want it to turn into. Jewelry lines with the freedom to choose will be one of the biggest trends in the upcoming years. 3D laser scanning will help make this trend a success.

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