Augmented Reality – A Boom for Consumer Marketing

Today augmented reality is taking away the rein from traditional marketing platforms to create an interactive and out-of-the-box experience for the customers. In a short span of time, AR has become a popular trend in the marketing and advertising world, where customer engagement holds key importance. AR is empowering marketers to integrate the digital world into the real world, which is proving to be an effective tool for the baby boomers and Millennial generation. From instigating three-dimensional thinking to product visualization, AR provides a bouquet of benefits to the marketer. When you use AR in the marketing campaigns, you surpass the competition and have the edge over the competitors, which cultivates the business growth. Putting AR for marketing your brand will differentiate you from the rest.

Taking 360° video to a new horizon

Whether it’s a visual of a historic place or a view of the hotel room, 360o videos have become a trend for consumers and it’s now a popular marketing tool. Integrating the 360o videos with will further fuel the growth of your business. For example, if you’re creating customized flooring for the clients, you can ask the customers to virtually walk through the floorplan. It helps in determining whether the customer approves the concept or not. Even the hotel industry is using augmented reality to allow a customer to get a 360o view of the hotel properties, rooms, and facilities available. The future of AR in the consumer advertising is bright because it allows your customer to hold up the smartphone to an ad and see detailed information about the hotel or the product. With AR, you can immerse the viewers in your offerings and attract their attention with quality imagery and motion graphics.

Augmented Reality Conveys the message without the effort

 Building stories helps create an emotional connect with the audience – it’s a marketing best practice. With AR, you can ride the customers through deeper and informative content, which helps in enhancing the journey of the customer. Furthermore, using virtual tours and 360o  videos, you add an element of fun while educating the customers about your products and services. The message intended is conveyed to the customer, which enriches their knowledge and helps them make an informed decision. Apart from communicating the message, AR is fueling memorable interactions which will help you retain the customers.

Augmented Reality Reduces advertisement costs

No longer do marketers have to bid high to get a billboard in high traffic areas. AR presents a new way to the brands to present their products in front of the customers. Using apps and social media platforms, you can create a seamless customer experience and provide them information real-time without shelling extra dollars. Now, simply add a video or a CTA to your printed ad and make your customers move one-step further in the sales funnel.

In the coming years, with AR becoming a rage among the millennials and children, consumers are likely to prefer AR over their desktops and laptops. For brands, it’s probably the right time to channelize their energy in augmented reality because the future belongs to AR.

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