Augmented Reality Becomes More Advanced

Working to create a higher definition virtual world

3D laser scanning has made many things possible in our lives. We have found ways to create fantastic worlds through virtual reality and augmented reality. Videogame developers and companies are using 3D laser scanning to upgrade the virtual world through a newer and more advanced AR headset.

Who is working on this

A few companies have teamed up to create this whole new world in immense detail. Niantic, who created Pokémon Go, has teamed up with Qualcomm. has teamed up with Qualcomm, and together these partnerships create an unbeatable way to create the highest definition road map up the world. doesn’t need any fancy equipment to capture the real world. In fact, you just need a smartphone that can download its app and create a virtual world. This is exactly what Niantic needs to create the latest updates in Pokémon go

Why is 3D laser scanning important

Right now, there aren’t a lot of AR headsets on the market, it’s an up and coming technology that still has a lot of work that needs to be done. The headsets on the market are very basic, and they hope to collect information from all three companies in order to create a high definition world.

This could change the way of how we interact with videogames and other apps. 3D laser scanning would allow us to update the AR headsets so users can walk in the real world while playing the game. It would turn real life into something more, something almost magical.

Before a high-tech AR headset comes out, it is essential to gather all of the information. 3D laser scanning technology gives these companies a way to collect data and keep a record of it through the cloud.

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning technology

Overall other methods of collecting data, this technology happens to be far more advanced. Instead of drawing the world by memory, someone can use their smartphone or other devices that capture the world exactly how it is.

3D laser scanning can capture every microscopic detail that a human could never remember. It is incredibly accurate and faster than other methods. It is relatively budget-friendly, easy to understand, and use.

Since 3D laser scanning collects information and stores it in the cloud, it is easy to send the data to all of the other partnering companies. This technology creates an open line of communication that has previously been more difficult. Instead of a file getting emailed, any of the companies can go online and access what the other company has.

What will happen in the future

In the future, more companies will team up finding that together they can create a whole world in high definition. This will change the way we play our games; we will be able to stand next to each other during challenges in Pokémon Go and battle each other. There will be indoor tracking devices that allow you to run on a treadmill and hatch eggs. 3D laser scanning will create worlds that we have never dreamed of, and it will create an entertaining way for us to connect with people all over the world.

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