Big Bugs Brought to You by 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning services likes bugs

There are not many people in this world who like bugs. That includes me. If a bug is seen creeping around our house, I go into stomp mode. it is like enemy attack. It usually starts with my wife’s scream, and then I go running for the tennis racket zapper. After a few snap crackle and pops, I exile the remains it to the outside world where it should have stayed, and then we can all go back to our regularly scheduled activities. Bugs are bad. I don’t mean Michael Jackson “bad”. I mean I do not like them at all. The bigger they get, the more I dislike their company. Oddly enough though there are some people in this world who like bugs. When they see a bug they get excited. In fact, right now there are people who instead of stepping on those critters are intentionally trying to make them bigger. You are thinking “What in the world! Who are those pesky people purposefully practicing puffing up pests? They are none other than, you guessed it, the fellows using 3D laser scanning services. Of all the nerve!

The Brave Bug Lovers

Before you start calling your 3D laser scanning services provider, let me make it clear that this is not every 3D laser scanning technician doing this. These bug lovers are a select few.  They are the few, the proud, and the bug loving brave etymologists out there. They look at bugs for a living, so it should not be surprising now why they are looking for big bugs. The problems with bugs are that they are so small. Some of them are so tiny that scientists have to use a microscope in a lab to study their anatomies. This is where 3D laser scanning services can help insect enthusiasts like etymologists get a better look at them. 3D printing and 3D laser scanning services can make a bug look big.

3D laser Scanning A Big bug for the better

You have all heard of super-sizing fries and a coke, right? Well, it’s kind of what is happening with the bugs. The only difference is that you don’t get to eat it. Most of us wouldn’t want to eat it anyway (unless you are from Thailand where they eat crickets on a stick. Yum!).Super-sizing a bug is a what they do to get a better look at the critter. They take a 3D laser scanner and scan every minute inch of the bug. Once they have the bug captures in a 3D laser scanned data cloud, all they need to do is take it to a 3D printer. The 3D printer can reproduce that bug at a much larger scale than its original size. A bigger bug gives them a better look at the exterior of the thing which helps them better understand things about the bug.

It turn out that the big bug is not as bad as you thought. No need to picket and protest out side the 3D scanning services office. Once again 3D laser scanning services proves itself to be a wiz-bang handy-man technology making your day a little better.

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