Can Augmented Reality Change E-commerce Forever?

Although augmented reality is at a nascent stage, it has the potential to change the landscape of e-commerce forever. Thanks to the digital age, AR is taking the idea of an immersive experience one-step further. It effectively blends the virtual objects with real-time and creates an experience like never before. Today, AR is providing incredible customer experience, which is likely to take the appeal of e-commerce sector to an altogether different level. The ripples the technology has already created in the sector is unique because unlike other technologies AR is dependent upon market condition, consumer demand, and high-quality devices. Now, shoppers can virtually try the products before making a purchase, thereby reducing the number of product returns. Furthermore, it is empowering customers to purchase a furniture suiting their room décor without buying it. AR is opening new avenues and bringing a change in the shopping experience.

AR offers a bouquet of benefits and is the changing the realm of the e-commerce sector.

Augmented Reality offers Superior presentation of the products

For customers who are busy even to visit a furniture shop to select the bed of their choice, augmented reality is a boon. Using the AR app, customers can place the virtual furniture in any place and choose the design which fits the aesthetic of the room. With AR, customers can now understand whether the sofa set will look right adjacent to the dressing table or the television. The technology will empower customers to interact with a product and make an informed decision. This is likely to solve one of the biggest bottlenecks in the e-commerce industry. Conversely, the app will help customers check how a particular shoe will look on their feet. Furthermore, in future, the technology will allow customers to experiment with colors on the wall before they want to paint it. The act of touching and application of the product is likely to influence the decision of a buyer.

Augmented reality Increases customer engagement

For e-commerce companies, it’s a challenging task for marketers to keep the shoppers engaged because they purchase without seeing or visualizing the product. According to a customer, more than 40% of the online shoppers are willing to pay extra if they can imagine the product through AR. With the technology, using a single tap, a customer can change the color, design, and size of a product. From clothes to furniture, customers today can visualize each and everything under the sun, and it creates a seamless customer experience. Furthermore, according to a recent report, AR generates 27% higher emotional engagement than a normal brick-and-mortar store.

Results in higher return on investment

Currently, the cost of deploying augmented reality in e-commerce is high, but as e-commerce businesses will start leveraging the power of AR, the return on investment is likely to enhance over time. A live and memorable experience will not only drive sales but will also result in a long-term growth of the e-commerce business. The technology will not enhance the sale, but will also bring about a change in the way customers perceive your brand.

Augmented reality opens new horizon and dimensions for e-commerce giants and helps in customer acquisition and retention. 

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