Canvas Adopts 3D Laser Scanning

Not to be confused with the student portal Canvas: room scanner is a new app developed by apple. This app allows iPhone users to take advantage of what 3D laser scanning has to offer. You can effectively scan your surroundings with this app and get an accurate layout of the room you’re in. Every dimension is picked up and analyzed with this app.

Once you have scanned a room with this app, you can pay a small fee to turn the room into CAD models. These models are highly accurate and range between $15 for 2D models or $29 and $39, depending on the file you need it to be in. This new app can be great for many people and even businesses who need scans of individual rooms.

Who should use this app

This is an excellent app for a particular business and people that will adopt it rather quickly. This new app was featured on the iPhone 12 and has excited many users. Here is who may be interested in using this new iPhone app.

Graphic designers

Many video game designers and graphic designers take inspiration from the real world. One of the best ways to keep those inspirations is by taking 3D scans of them and saving them for future reference. If someone loves the room they’re in, they can capture it right then and there using the app that acts as a 3D laser scanning device.

Interior designers

Many interior designers are trying to work remotely and from home. This doesn’t always work. With this app’s help, many people can take their own scans and provide the interior designers with the layout, measurements, and look during a consultation. This saves time for every party. They can decide what would be done, how long it would take, and how much the work would be before the designers come to look at the house and rooms.

Real estate agents

People are starting to want virtual tours of spaces to reduce the risk of exposing themselves to COVID-19. Real estate agents have been finding new ways to provide virtual tours, and 3D laser scanning has helped make this possible.

How it works

3D laser scanning works by taking rapid pictures of an object or room. It has lasers that are projected, and they collect accurate information on the object as well. This app will work much the same way as this device. It will use rapid pictures and sensors to gather information around the person.

All one has to do is hold the phone at one point in the room and spin it slowly. The app will have directions and a trial to allow the user to get to know the app. This is an app that is made so anyone can use it and have access to highly accurate CAD models.

Final thoughts

The new iPhone 12 has a major upgrade than many other phones have ever had. They have embedded LIDAR technology in the phone. This allows for scans, pictures, and even videos to be more accurate and detailed than any other phone. Apple has been a huge competitor in the gadgets world, and we can’t wait to see what they create next.

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