Unity, a United States-based company, has focused on cross-platform games and has now adopted a startup company from Israel. This company, called RestAR, has created a way for people to make high-quality models in under a minute with their phones using a phone as a scanning device. Many of the devices used for 3D scans are super high-tech devices, but this company has found a way to create 3D laser scanning services easily accessible. 

This is perfect for the cross-platform game group. Unity is a well-known group that is known for creating real-time 3D content in many different areas. They are known in the gaming niche, architecture, auto, and movies. All of these fields require 3D laser scanning services, and making it usable by everyone is a huge step that RestAR has made happen. 

RestAR was one of the lucky companies that actually bloomed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies turned to online solutions and adopted the use of 3D laser scanning to create high-depth models. Before the pandemic, this company had a harder time getting customers. With the pandemic still surging and investors looking for quality companies like this one, they can grow and become more sustainable. 


3D laser scanning is some of the most advanced technology in the world though it didn’t always start that way. It works by capturing rapid photos of an object and uses lasers to measure the object. Some technology is much more advanced than others, and some is rather simple. 

Our phones now have sensors that can actually act as 3D laser scanning devices. When this technology was first created in the 1960s, no one would have ever guessed we would see it daily. 

It started out as giant chunky cameras that were hard to move, it later became a head scanner, and after that, we started seeing it emerge in many different styles. We now have handheld devices that are easy to maneuver, cell phones that act as scanners, full-body scanners someone can lay in, and even feet scanners. All of them work by capturing information fast and accurately.

WHY 3d laser scanning services are GOOD FOR ONLINE

During the pandemic, many stores had to close their doors. There was no way to decrease the spread of germs while people were still shopping. However, online retail can be dicey and challenging. Many retailers needed to find ways to provide accurate models to their online customers, and that is where RestAR stepped in. They provided devices and programs to help the retailers get their products online as accurately as possible. 

This can help limit the number of returns and help generate more income without being physically open. However, this style of 3D laser scanning services can be used in a wide variety of ways, not just for retail. 


We are excited to see the partnership between Unity and RestAR grow and bring us new things. It is an exciting partnership that will pave the way for 2021. 3D laser scanning services are slowly shaping our world and allowing us to find a new normal during a time of uncertainty.


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