Construction Gains 3D Laser Scanning Equipment

Creating customized products easily and efficiently

For years both construction companies and the technological world have been rapidly advancing. Now the two worlds have collided, and many construction companies are using the latest technological tools to create custom equipment. For example, DJM has now adopted 3D laser scanning devices to create custom machines, for multi-billion-dollar construction jobs. It all started because on company asked DJM to create something specifically for them that no one else had.

In response, DJM took the most advanced technology, and out of that, they were able to produce a specialized truck rack. It needed to lift heavier objects and be more useful than the day to day trucks they already had. They worked together to create something amazing, and it was with the help of 3D laser scanning devices.

The process of creating a specialty device

First, before the two companies and team were able to draw up plans, they had to scan one of the mechanical trucks. They used a 3D laser scanning device to capture all the information they needed to get the project to the next phase. From this scan, they were able to construct a model that would allow them to edit and redesign the entire rack. With the help of 3D laser scanning, they could see which materials would work best before the fabrication process even started.

How 3D laser scanning works

This is some of the most fantastic technology you can buy on the market, and one of the reasons it is so phenomenal to use is because it is simple. You don’t need to do any calculations or measuring, you point a handheld object at another object and start scanning! The whole process requires little human effort, and it is completely noninvasive.

It uses lasers that project over the object being scanned. This laser measures the distance the light travels, it picks up the gap in surfaces. If there are little holes in the object, the light will move further into the hole and back up to the flat surface. Due to this reason, it can pick up microscopic details like holes, scratches, or anything else.

At the same time, there is a camera that takes rapid pictures through a high-speed shutter. This helps the image appear more enhances; it completes the full picture. It gets every single side of an object. This can help create a fuller 3D model to edit.

Once the information is captured, it is sent to a partnering system on the computer or a different device that you will be able to edit the image through. You will be able to see it in 3D on your computer screen, rotate it, and figure out which materials to use. This is precisely how they were able to create a customized rack for their construction company. 3D laser scanning has made it easy and straightforward.

Final thoughts

DJM is one of many companies utilizing this technology. As more people worldwide see the benefits of 3D laser scanning, they too will adopt it. This technology can help a business run more efficiently and create customized products easily. They can test the materials before the fabrication process and understand exactly how it will work.

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