Create Customized Chess Pieces Using 3D Scanning

3d scanning can customize your favorite games

Are you tired of 3D scanning?  Have you scanned so much that you find yourself scanning sheep to put yourself to sleep at night?  Have you scanned everything that can possibly be scanned, including your grandmother’s meatloaf, TWICE?!! Well, before you blow me off and go back to scanning, let me tell you about a cool scanning idea. How about creating your own chess pieces?  That’s right. Being the expert scanner that you are, you know that you can take any object, scan it, modify it, and then print it out. That is the beauty of 3D scanning services. You’ve got the power to do whatever you want, especially if you have a TechShop NextEngine 3D scanner. Your 3D scanning services skills are limited only by your own creativity.  So how about it?

customized chess pieces created by 3d scanning

There are a lot of cool things you could do if you customize your own chess pieces. You could make a family chess set.  Literally make your family members the chess pieces. You and your spouse of course would be king and queen. The knights could be the dog, and the bishop the cat. If you have a house full of kids, well, there are your pawns.  

football teams

Or maybe you could do the players of your favorite football team.  It would be like the Super Bowl of chess. Although, it might be a little tough to get players to agree to the scan.  Whatever you choose, all you need to do is make sure you get a TechShop NextEngine 3D scanner, which is perfect for the job.  It’s as easy as scanning objects for the pieces, and then combining those scans with the scan of a suitable sized base, and you are ready to print out your new chess pieces.  To print it out, you need to get a hold of a Next Generation Series 1 printers by Type A brand. But you might want to have a few cups or gallons of coffee ready because it’s going to take about 10-12 hours to print.  Maybe you can go scan sheep for a while.

Well, I see you are still sitting there.  Either you are super interested or all that 3D laser scanning services labor has fried a few brain cells and you can’t decide what to do.  Actually it’s a good thing for that, because there is something else we need to talk about. You really need to be careful what you scan these days. Some people are getting sued for stealing intellectual property by scanning someone else’s stuff.  Can you believe it? Duchamp Estate is suing someone for 3D laser scanning Mardel Duchamp’s chess board. The person is being sued for infringement of copyright. Who would have thought intellectual property right’s can be stolen by a scanner. So choose carefully what you decide to scan.

Anyways, it is just a suggestion to bring a little bit more creativity to your scan life. Seeing that you are a law abiding citizen, and that you are too sick and tired of scanning to care, I don’t suppose you will do any of this, let a alone join the scan mafia.  

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