Capturing Cruise Ship Data With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Crew Gets Accurate Floor Plans To Aid Refits

Operating a cruise or ferry is not easy, and keeping passengers safe is even more tedious. 3D laser scanning services can help and benefit cruise ship operators. Fraiserline is a 3D laser scanning and architecture company whose focus is on assisting operators with refits, refurbishments, and, most importantly, ship maintenance. No two ships are ever the same, and many of them do not have accurate floor plans, which makes renovations really hard and sometimes dangerous. 

By providing 3D laser scanning services, the entire crew can have accurate floor plans; refits can go quicker and be more precise for the piece the ships need. It also means that passengers are safer while on the cruise or boat. By adopting this technology, teams will see a greater return on investment. Once a cruise gets inspected and repaired, they can make more journeys that bring in more money. It is an undeniably useful tool.

The team must often visit the ship to get accurate layouts and dimensions for the refurbished pieces to ensure quality and accurate sizing. It’s a long process, but it can be cut down with the help of 3D laser scanning. Unfortunately, drawing a ship layout by hand is never accurate enough, and details often get overlooked. It is no one’s fault; ships are all created differently, and no human could be as precise as this tool. 

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning services for a ship

There are some undeniable benefits of using 3D laser scanning services for a shipping upgrade. It will allow you to get back on the water faster and cruise more people around. You will also see other advantages like the ones listed below.


This tool is so quick because it uses laser pulses to capture all the information a place has. It may take a few times to go around the ship. However, instead of months, this technology can capture the information required for refits in weeks. 


You may be surprised to learn that this tool is incredibly efficient. You can add in the criteria you are looking for, and the 3D laser scanning equipment will pick up everything that fits the criteria. It makes it more efficient than a human could ever be. 

Floor Plan Creation

One of the best features of using 3D laser scanning is that it can create floor plans. How? It gathers details through the device and then sends the information to a partnering system. Someone can review the data, edit, and create floor plans through the CAD software and then send it to the entire team. 

Virtual Reality

The next cool thing to note about this technology is that a developer has the necessary tools to create virtual reality in the CAD system. It can allow the entire team to wear a headset and virtually enter a space to see the work that needs to be done on a ship. They can also use this information as a reference.  

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is one of the unique tools on the market that allows for teams to have valuable insight on a ship at all times. It can help collect, save, and distribute information without ever losing it. 

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