Dane County Airport Gets An Upgrade

We slowly see a trend in airports using 3D laser scanning devices to help check-in people and get them to their gates faster. Now the Dane County regional airport in Wisconsin has hopped on this massive trend. There are so many reasons why using the latest technology in airports can help ensure safety and create a happier space. There are two checkpoints at this airport, and both have installed the most cutting-edge technology.

This will help put less stress on employees who work for the transportation security administration or TSA. This will also allow the passengers who are arriving and leaving the airport to feel more comfortable. It could help them get to their gates faster and keep the environment as safe as possible.

3D laser scanning devices are not magical, and TSA will still have to monitor the screens and luggage, but it could help speed up the process. The coolest feature of these devices is that they can be programmed to watch for specific things. If something looks suspicious, a TSA officer can check it out and report it. However, if everything checks out, it can lead to faster check-ins.

How 3D laser scanning in airports will work

We already see scanning devices at the airports; most of them are used to check for explosives and work in similar ways to 3D laser scanners. This tool will help scan people as they walk through and be programmed to look for anything suspicious like water, weapons, or more. On top of that, each TSA officer looking at the screen will be able to manipulate each scene to zoom in or out, fully observing everyone who walks past.

Can this tool scan bags

The best thing about this device is that it can scan all the people walking through, but it can also scan their personal belongings. Most times, this is the part that takes a long time to get through the airport. Many TSA officers have to stop and check bags physically, and 3D laser scanning can cut the time in half because they are much more precise than previous versions of checking bags and purses.

How does 3D laser scanning work

Most 3D laser scanning devices will seem rather basic, but their technology is tremendous. It takes rapid pictures of a scene or an object capturing all of the information on it. This will collect things like angles, dimensions, colors, textures, and more. It has become one of the most useful tools, and many places are adopting it because of how precise it has become.

Final thoughts

This tool can be one of the biggest advantages. As we move forward in 2021, we will see more airports adopt 3D laser scanning to limit human contact, get people through airports faster, and take TSA’s pressure. We will continue to see this trend rise, and it will not slow down anytime soon.

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