3D laser scanning services: Dr. Fauci Creates 3D Printed Model of the Coronavirus

Gives to the Smithsonian as an Educational Tool

Dr. Fauci is one of the most famous doctors globally, being one of the government’s leading scientists focused on the aids pandemic and most recently on the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest news surrounding Dr. Fauci has to do with 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing. He has created a 3D printed model of the coronavirus to give to the Smithsonian

This is an educational tool that can go to the museum. Years to come, we will be able to look at the virus, how it’s structured, and understand exactly what made it different from the rest. Though Dr. Fauci gave this replica to the museum with no expectations, they gave him a medal. 

This virus has swept across the globe at an incredible speed and changed our world forever. Dr. Fauci has been the scientist to study it and now create a physical replica to help the average person understand what kind of virus this is. Many of us don’t know how the virus works or what it truly is capable of. 

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is where a giant computer uses uploaded instructions to go layer by layer and print an image out. It can use big or small arms to move in the coordinates’ directions and uses hot material that hardens once out of the nozzle. It can create many objects, and best of all, it is a sustainable way to build things. This is how Dr. Fauci created the physical replica of the coronavirus. 

How does 3D printing work with 3D laser scanning?

3D printing is an amazing tool, but it will not turn out as accurate unless there is precise information fed through the computer. The best way to use a 3D printer is also by adopting 3D laser scanning services. This is a small handheld device that captures the data of an object.

It does this by taking rapid pictures of a scene; sometimes, this can take thousands of pictures per minute. All a user has to do is move slowly around a device, capturing every angle. It collects information like textures, shapes, dimensions, and more. It is precise, fast, and, best of all, another sustainable practice.

Other doctors are using these tools

Many other doctors are not as famous who have adopted this technology. It has been used to do full-body scans that allow the doctors to see problems before they become problematic. It has created a better way for doctors to create custom-made prosthetics for patients. Best of all, it has made a comfortable way for patients to receive better dental care from their doctors. It has expanded and grown in many different fields, and the medical field is leading the way.

Final thoughts

Though 3D laser scanning services and printing are slowly emerging in the medical field, it has proven to be a useful tool. We hope to see this technology become rapidly adopted thanks to Dr. Fauci using it for science. It has been a tool that expands learning and opens up a new way to communicate.

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