Flying 3D Laser Scanners

Getting into places where helicopters can't

When we build industrial buildings, we need ways to look at the outside for many purposes. Sometimes the floor plans are not enough. We need to analyze the building from the outside to truly understand the structure and maintain it. This is not as easy as it seems and can cause tremendous problems. Skydio is a United States-based company known for making drones, and now they have come up with a solution to this problem. They have created a drone that is also a 3D laser scanning device.

Skydio has always been an innovative company and taking leaps where no other company dares to go. They want to go the extra mile. This will help scan industrial buildings in challenging places where helicopters cannot fit. It also allows people to stay safe because there will be no need to climb the buildings.

Using a drone 3D laser scanning device will speed up inspections, create faster solutions, and keep a building well maintained. Though this has been a prolonged going process, 3D laser scanning offers benefits that no other piece of technology could provide. It will also make inspections run a lot smoother. Artificial Intelligence in drones is our next step to becoming a better-built society.

The Benefits of 3D laser scanning

There are so many incredible benefits to using 3D laser scanning. Adding them to a drone can help reach the unreachable and unlock a new level in inspecting buildings. Here are some other benefits of using this high tech.

  • Precision- There is no other technology that is as precise as 3D laser scanning. It can pick up the smallest details that may go unnoticed that could be potentially harmful. It allows for everything to be seen clearly.
  • Faster- Inspections take days, if not weeks. The process involves many people going up and down and different people looking for different things. It takes a long time for each team to inspect an entire industrial building.
  • Details- When an entire team is looking at a building and inspecting it, things go missing. Each person has a designated job, and they look for their one piece. Sometimes this leads to missing the bigger picture or the connecting details that make one giant flaw. 3D laser scanning devices are meant to observe every small detail and create a full image. The details are apparent.
  • Easy To Use- This technology is not hard to use. If it is connected to a drone, one person needs to be in control and straightforward to use. This technology, though it’s complex, is not complicated to use.
  • Options- The best thing about this technology is that what you can do with the information is versatile. You can save everything as a digital file to compare years later; you can turn it into virtual reality or create a 3D model from it.

Using this technology can help an inspection go much faster than average. 3D laser scanning is changing our lives and allowing us to inspect buildings faster. Once more inspections adopt this drone AI technology, more places worldwide will be willing to try it out.

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