Foot Scanning Is a New Health Trend

Supporting retailers in footwear

Finding shoes that fit correctly can be tedious and time-consuming. It requires standing there and getting measured and letting someone smell your feet. Then you still have to try on shoes that may or may not feel comfortable because sometimes the measurements are still inaccurate and can’t tell you about the arches, or your heel, or anything that is actually useful when shopping. That has all changed. A company has focused on making the most extraordinary 3D laser scanning equipment specifically for your feet.

This new machine allows retailers to find the best orthotic solutions and shoes for their customers and can even allow doctors to see more in-depth problem areas. 3D laser scanning has come so far since the initial creation, and many companies are updating it to be better than ever before.

Aetrex Worldwide, Inc has created the Albert 2 scanner that helps support other retailers in footwear. It is said to be the most streamlined scanner they have ever designed and will work in just a few seconds.

What are the features of this new 3D laser scanning device

The cool thing about 3D laser scanning technology is that it can be adjusted for specific goals. There are now many different types of tools you can find. Some of these devices you stand on, some are handheld, and others are like giant tubes someone can lay down in, all made with specific goals in mind. So, what can this 3D laser scanning device do?

  • One person can stand on this machine.
  • This machine collects information in 20 seconds.
  • Maps out pressure points in the foot.
  • Identifies arch types.
  • It is voice-activated.
  • Picks up precise measurements.
  • Processes all of the data.

Some of these benefits we have never seen before. Using a voice-activated system allows the person to take the measurements to do less work and smell fewer feet while still incredibly accurate.

“The system eliminates the need for retailers to use traditional, multi-step processes to drive footwear and orthotic sales. The Albert 2 is the fastest, most integrated and streamlined device we’ve ever made.” stated the CEO of Aetrex.

The benefits retailers receive

Most of us understand why a doctor may find this information useful. However, you may be wondering why a retailer would need this technology. The answer is it will help retailers find better footwear for the customers, leading to fewer returns. It can help them boost sales and build a loyal customer base.

When someone walks in knowing they will receive the best service that feels specialized, it keeps them coming back. The ROI or return on investment for using a 3D laser scanning tool can be a big amount. That is why many businesses are using this technology.

Final thoughts

There are so many reasons why 3D laser scanning is being implemented in all areas of our world. It is truly a phenomenal piece of technology that is shaping the way we live. It can give us greater insight into our bodies and allow us to find comfortable shoes and clothes. Many of us will start seeing this technology in our everyday lives.

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