Personalize Your Wedding Using 3D Laser Scanning

3d laser scanning makes your decorations even more fun

What was the most boring wedding you ever attended?  Did I just hear someone snoring in the back pew? Weddings should not be boring.  In fact, they should be the most exciting event on earth. Mr. Right meets “girl of my dreams”. Woohoo!  Did you know that 3D laser scanning can help you liven up your wedding to make that special day even more special? To be honest, everything put in 3D is more special!  And what could be more cool on a wedding invitation that the words “Come to my 3D wedding”. So here are some ideas of how to make a wedding much more special by using 3D laser scanning.

cake toppers

First of all, we need to add a new touch to that cake. It needs to be a little different; a little more unique.  No need to change too much (no complaints about the flavor). The multi-layered tower with white frosting and small flowers are great, but what is missing?  You guessed it, the figurine! We need a 3D figurines. And not just any figurine. It should be an exact replica of the couple who just got married. Wouldn’t that be cool?! It really wouldn’t be hard to do.  Just have a 3D laser scanning service do a full body scan of the couple dressed in their wedding garb. Have it printed out and once the cake is ready, just flick off that generic one and place your personalized figurines on top.  I can’t imagine the expression on grandma’s when she sees what on the top of that cake. She will be talking about it for years.

360-degree pictures

There are other things you can do with 3D laser scanning to add a little zip to your wedding.  That moment when you first say “I do” is the quintessential moment of truth. It is a moment that should be captured in time for everyone to enjoy forever, and you’d better be ready to capture it. Book shelves, desktops, are refrigerator doors are all cluttered with pictures of that magic moment.  The sad truth is that those 2D photos just doesn’t quite bring back the joy of the moment, if you know what I mean. But a 3D laser scanned image of the moment vows were made would captured it perfectly. Print that out and set it on the coffee table and people feel like they were watching the moment as it happened.  

3D laser scanning your memories

There you have it; two cool ways to use 3D laser scanning at your wedding (I’m sure that there are more ways to use it too).  So if you aren’t married yet, and still have a chance to do it right, then you might consider these ideas. It would bring a whole lot of person touch to your wedding and wouldn’t take much effort.  If your already are married, then you can pass this idea on to your friends who aren’t. It will bring memory and joy to your and your family for years to come. It will also be easier to explain to your grandkids, because a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially if it is in 3D!

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