How Is Augmented Reality Enhancing the Performance in the Workplace?

For field supervisors and operators, it’s hard for an operator a boiler while juggling with a thick manual. But, with augmented reality, operators, electricians, and engineers can explain an offsite expert for help without being present physically. Today, AR is bridging the gap between the digital world and real world to give workers immediate access to crucial information. While simple tasks require simple tools, workers are expected to quickly juggle through their workloads and come out with flying colors. Works such as detecting leakage in a turbine require careful analyses and in-depth information. And, AR precisely provides this information without the worker memorizing the different methods to locate the leak. AR offers fresh insights about how the work gets done in a precise and timely manner. AR is fundamentally allowing the machines and humans to achieve results, which the is impossible to achieve alone.

According to a survey, happy employees are 12% more productive, and AR can efficiently help in ensuring that employees remain happy.

augmented reality Smart glasses

Smart glasses have been around for years, and industries have started to leverage the effectiveness of the technology to reach the target audience. For example, Boeing one of the largest airplane manufacturer trains the employees using augmented reality instructions on tablets. As a result, the trainees were able to assemble the mock airplane wings 30% faster and with 90% more accuracy. Reading a document and assembling or locating a defect becomes difficult because the employee has to imagine everything. But, with AR smart glasses workers can complete the work on time and with accuracy. Furthermore, a plethora of industry analysts perceive adoption of smart glasses as a positive step in the right direction.

augmented reality Support and inspection

In auto manufacturing workshops, workers and technicians use the AR app to understand the exact location of hard to locate components and parts. Special tools and repair instructions are overloaded in the augmented reality app, which allows the worker to efficiently find the problematic area and identify the exact cause of the malfunction. AR is helping workshops to ameliorate the quality and speed of repair. In support and inspection, AR is proving to be a game changer and assisting companies to achieve productivity with precision.

augmented reality in Manufacturing and assembly

Assembling parts in a manufacturing industry is probably a backbone breaking task because it’s time-consuming and incredibly tedious. However, with AR technicians can keep both hands on the task by eliminating the requirement of referring to a paper. The faster production time and assembly of components are not only reducing error rates but boosting the confidence of workers because they perform the task meticulously. Using AR technology, employees enhance their productivity because they can assemble the same part is less time.

Today, it’s crucial to take the first step to see how AR is likely to benefit your business before implementing it full scale. Augmented reality is undoubtedly a boon for both workers and enterprises.

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