Yiwei Wong, Nan Jiang, Yichao Chen, Zeeshan Yunus Ahmed - Filamentric GAD RC4 Bartlett School of Architecture.
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large format 3d printing

Design smarter. Build stronger. Create sustainable products. 

how can large format 3d printing benefit my company?

Rapid Prototyping.
Create, print, refine. Using 3D printing, your first prototype will be finished in a matter of hours. Identify and solve design problems easier and quicker with 3D printing. Large parts may be produced from a variety of durable plastics which makes prototyping inexpensive. 

Create without Limits. 
Think your design would be better hollow instead of solid? Let additive manufacturing spark your imagination and make your design dreams come true. See Figure 1.1 for an example of how Boeing engineers use 3D technology to create the unthinkable. 

Enhance Quality.
Many materials used in 3D printers can be reinforced with plastics and metal materials or treated with light and heat to make them even stronger than their heavy, steel counterparts. 


3D printing technology uses lasers to create products with precision. This means less waste and more money saved.

Rapid Manufacturing.
Quickly get your products on the market, giving you a competitive advantage over companies with similar products.



Boeing’s website posted this model on their website in 2014, when the company first began investing in 3D printing. The model demonstrates how their engineering has been able to re-imagine the shape and structure of various parts without compromising its functionality. Richard Aston, Senior Technical Fellow at Boeing, says using 3D technology, “design configurations that had once been unproducible were now possible.”

companies investing in large format 3d printing

From the aerospace to automobile to shipbuilding, these companies all use additive manufacturing to design.



General Electric 





Cincinnati, Inc.


Arrival 3d can help with your next project!

If you are in need of 3D printing large parts, we are happy to help you scan your project and prepare the file for printing, as well as the large format 3d printing itself. We can also create smaller, plastic versions of your prototype before you’re ready to print it on a large scale.

People are innovating in America and are using 3d printing technology to create new products and opportunities. We look forward to learning about your project and giving you a competitive advantage using 3D technology such as 3D printing and 3D scanning.

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