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how can large format 3d printing benefit my company?

Rapid Prototyping.
Create, print, refine. Your first prototype can be built at full scale and will be finished much faster than it would take to do using the old ways. You can identify and solve design problems easier and quicker with a 3D printed prototype. Large parts may be produced from a variety of durable plastics.

Create Without Size Limits. 
Can’t fit your design into a shoe box? Let your ideas flow beyond the usual size restrictions of desktop 3D printers. Our platforms are expandable to sizes that were unthinkable before. Want to print an entire boat hull? It is possible. Allow 3D printing of large parts to spark your imagination and make your design dreams come true. See Figure 1.1 for an example of how Boeing engineers use 3D technology to create what was previously unthinkable. 

Speed, Quality and Durability
The 3D printing process can be tailored to your specific requirements. It can lay down a lot of plastic in a short amount of time as a rough form, or spend more time laying down fine layers for a smoother finish. Parts can also be machine-finished for highly accurate, smooth surfaces. The part interior can be adjusted for density using a variety of infill methods so you can optimize for minimum weight, maximum strength, or something in between. When combined with other materials/processes like shotcrete, 3D-printed parts can be light yet stronger than steel.


Our large format 3D printing technology is compatible with PLA which is a bioplastic. The raw material is food safe (although the 3d printed part may not be, call us for details). It is biodegradable and uses a lot less non-renewable energy in its production. This means less exposure to toxic or cancer-causing chemicals, less harm to the environment and that you can create without guilt.



Boeing’s website posted this model on their website in 2014, when the company first began investing in 3D printing. The model demonstrates how their engineering has been able to re-imagine the shape and structure of various parts without compromising its functionality. Richard Aston, Senior Technical Fellow at Boeing, says using 3D technology, “design configurations that had once been unproducible were now possible.”

companies investing in large format 3d printing

From the aerospace to automobile to shipbuilding, these companies all use additive manufacturing to design.



General Electric 





Cincinnati, Inc.


Arrival 3D can help with your next project!

If you are in need of 3D printing large parts, we are happy to help. No matter where you are at in the process, whether it is just an idea and you need CAD design asssitance, or if you need us to scan a part and turn it into a 3D-printable model, we can take care of all of that up to and including the large format 3d printing itself. We can also create smaller, plastic versions of your prototype before you’re ready to print it on a large scale.

People are innovating in America and are using 3d printing technology to create new products and opportunities. We look forward to working with you and empowering you with the competitive advantages that large part 3D printing and 3D scanning bring.

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