Leno Uses 3D Laser Scanning For Classic Car Parts

No joke

I read an article in about Jay Leno and his interest in cars. Leno may be a funny guy on the tonight show, but when we it comes to cars he is no joker. He loves old cars. He doesn’t just buy them, but he likes to buy them and fix them up.  The problem is that old cars come with some rusty parts, and so to fix these rusty parts, Leno uses 3D laser scanning services to replace them.

where to find them parts

Leno’s car collection is huge and amazing. If you were ever wondering where all of his funny money is being spent, some of it is being invested is some sweet rides. Some of those cars are really old and not easy to find. For example, he has a 1930 Bentley G400 that runs on a V12 700 horsepower engine. You might get a few double takes with that one! He also has a 1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car. This baby could reach a speed of 132.5 miles per hour running just on steam. That’s blowing some serious hot air! But there is a catch to all this coolness. Where do you find a part when something like that goes rusty? Let’s face it, some of these cars just don’t have replacement laying around the parts yard if you know what I mean. Fortunately, the guy that has this figured out is Mr. Leno himself. Instead of getting some machinist to try and make a new part, he lets 3D laser scanning services scan and then print it out.

makes sense

The benefits of using 3D laser scanning make it clearly the best choice for making hard to get parts. The machinist is going to try his best, but even so, there is likely to be a little bit of error in the finished product. If there is any error, then it has to be done again, and redoing something just takes more time and money. So why not skip all of that trial and error and use something that is quick and precise, like 3D laser scanning services. That is what Jay Leno does when he needs a part for some 1931 Duesenberg Model J Town car that needs a part. He is not like some guys who are stuck in the old ways of getting things done. They are bogged down in the old traditional style and are not willing to try any new technology to get the job done. That is the way it goes. No slow-mo for Jay Leno, though. He’s got a show to get ready for!

So the next time you see a picture of Mr. Leno cruising around in one of his rides, like a Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic SC, remember that some of those parts were possibly done by 3D laser scanning services. Some day you may become rich and famous like him and be able to buy a 1936 Cord 812 Sedan. Once you do that, and find that it needs a new part, you will know what to do. Back to you, Jay!

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