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3d laser scanning helps interior designers and event planners do their jobs

3D laser scanning has become a booming industry and is making headlines that we will all become aware of during 2021. This technology has been used in various fields in several different industries. Many professionals understand the value of LIDAR or light detection and ranging, and it has helped make many discoveries. 

Many companies are getting on board by creating some of the most advanced technology and creating a super competitive market. We now have many styles of 3D laser scanning, some of them with high
price tags. However, Apple, the famous brand known for laptops, pads, and iPhones, has come out with another option.

Apple has created a LIDAR scanning device that is already embedded in phones. This was added to their latest gadgets because they wanted to offer consumers a way to analyze their own space in 3D. There
have been many scanning apps in the past, but Apple is embedding it in their technology, which will speed up the evolution of our phones next year.

Who should be excited about this
new technology

Apple will allow many fields to prosper as we battle COVID-19. When in-person events are dwindling down fast, it is imperative for certain fields to find other ways to show people things. This technology can help them achieve that. Here is who should invest in the latest iPad or iPhone.

Interior designers

With many people staying home, they want to upgrade their rooms without having anyone in their homes. An easy way to do this is by using 3D laser scanning to send interior designers an exact layout of a room with accurate dimensions. This allows them to virtually design a room and have everything shipped straight to the client with no fuss or intrusion.

Real estate agents

Many real estate agents still want to sell houses and show them off, but many clients do not want to see the house in person. Using 3D laser scanning, the agent can take accurate pictures that show every microscopic detail inside and outside the house. They can use this system to create a virtual world to show clients everything.

Event planners

No one is hosting live events anymore, and that can mean event planners are out of business. That is unless they adopt the latest technology. They can create virtual events in a real life-like environment and host everything online. On top of that, if someone is still planning on throwing a small party or event, the planner can access all of the places and vendors through a virtual environment.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is shaping 2021 already. We are going to be seeing a lot more consumers and other industries adopt Apple’s new technology. More people will get a sense of how wonderful LIDAR is, and we
will continue to find ways to use it to normalize our current state. No one knows how 2021 will end, but there is a chance it will lead to a giant technology boom. 

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