Makeup Using Technology

Better for both consumer and retailer

The use of technology in makeup has been a trend that is now developing beyond just a few filters. AI makeup will become a massive trend in the years to come. In the future, consumers will want to try on makeup using augmented reality to do it.

Many brands have already started experimenting with makeup that mixes real life with 3D laser scanners and virtual reality. They are creating makeup kids to partner with these programs that offer users the option to experiment with technology.

Brands like Sephora have come out with virtual makeup artists that allow shoppers to try on makeup without ever have to open the container. L’Oreal is launching Perso in 2021. It is an AI device that assesses someone’s skin and skincare needs. Then it creates personalized products on the spot for any customer.

Benefits of AI makeup

3D laser scanners could help more prominent brands get to know each other their customers on a personal level, as well as cater to individual needs. So far, brands are consistently tailoring to consumers as a whole. However, everyone is extremely different and unique. This technology allows consumers to buy their own particular items and examine needs in a noninvasive way.

Not only could it help assess the needs of consumers individually, but it could also help with sanitation throughout beauty stores. If more places like Sephora and Ulta adopt 3D laser scanners to help customers see what the product looks like, more people could try on the color without ever having to touch it. This could prevent the spread of germs.

Most makeup and skin stores are very good at keeping a clean environment by providing extra lash wands and sticks for lip colors. However, this technology could take the cleanliness to the next level providing a way for every customer to have the opportunity to test out makeup without worrying about sanitation.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanners take rapid pictures of an object, person, or scene to collect information on it. It can take several thousands of images per second and can be uploaded in a partnering system to be edited, printed, or turned into virtual reality.

This technology is no longer just for researchers spreading information, it has spread to a variety of fields because there are multiple uses for this product. It has helped rebuild homes and historic sites for tours, as well as share it virtually all over the world. Police departments have started using this technology to scan entire crime scenes and provide evidence in court. Now it has entered the beauty industry and will help upgrade our standards of living on a daily basis.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanners are a rapidly growing market, and as more people find uses for this technology, the more it will grow. Researchers predict it will grow to a few billion in wealth by 2025. As companies come out and update 3D technology, more companies will adopt its use across the globe.

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