3D scanning everyone

3D Scanner - Its a weapon of mass-measurement

             Excuse me. I have a question. How do they determine what size to make all of the underwear and t-shirts? Who goes around and checks out the average size of everyone? I assume they must know the average range. That range has to be changing too. People aren’t getting much thinner if you know what I mean. Well, if they don’t already have a method, then 3D scanning services is going to get working on it. The project is called Size North America. They are looking to get a size check on the average size of people on this ball so that you can get things like a snug pair of undies and have a nice bucket seat in your new car that fits real nice.

Big underwear? they want to know

The company that is doing these 3D scanning services fits is called Human Solution. This German based company is not just looking to size up Europe, but they are looking to point their scanners global. That means they are ready to size us all up. What are they going to do with all of the results? Well, it seems that it might have more to do than getting a fancy pair of boxers for Christmas. Fruit of the Loom is not the only one who needs to know the size of your britches. A lot of manufacturers are thinking ergonomically when designing their products. Such products as a nice BMW feels a lot better if the seat is made just right. They need to know what size people are around the world. A car seat in Japan could be a different size than an American thanks to sushi vs. bacon double cheese with fries. Now you can kind of see how this could turn out to be some real valuable information. 

they use the random stop-and-scan

So how is all this 3D scanning services going to get done? You can’t just walk down the street secretly scanning people’s behinds. Well, apparently they are going hippy road warrior style by packing it all up on a trailer and setting sail down the highways and byways. They stop at a spot and take a sampling of willing groups. I guess different parts the States are going to have a bit different size bodies. They might want to take a trip down to Kansas City and scan those who frequent the pork rib barbecue shops. That area might take the belly sizes up a notch if you know what I mean.

worth the cost - or is it?

Who knows what else this information will be used for. All I can say is that 3D scanning services is gathering the data on your spare tire. That may sound a little intrusive, but it is becoming the world we live in, so you might as well get used to it. So my suggestion is that if you see the scanning crew pass by, be sure to get your rear in the action and get scanned. That way there will be better chance of seeing your size undies in the stores the next time you go to buy.


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