A Partnership Creating Drone Management

Network Rail is one of the businesses in Britain that offer safe railways for people to travel on. This company has always focused on using the most cutting edge technology to help maintain their railways. They have now partnered with a company called Dronecloud to provide management over drones. The drones that are being used help capture 3D scans of railways that may need work. 3D laser scanning allows for any problems to be seen faster and fixed quicker than ever before.

The railways in Britain are extensive and can be a lot to manage without these tools. Drones are unmanned flying devices that can be controlled from a base or the ground. It is easier to use these fantastic machines for very high places. The other great thing about these is that 3D laser scanning devices can easily be attached to them or set on top to get accurate information on a scene or object.

This partnership will help Network Rail ensure that all bridges are up to date, cared for, compliant, and accurately log the railways’ details. Everything can be recorded, virtual models can be created, and inspections can be done quicker with this technology.

Why 3D laser scanning is perfect for inspections

Many companies have to do maintenance checkups and inspections to ensure people’s safety entering or leaving a building. In this case, it is to provide safe travel over railways. This can be a challenging task to do when the railways span all over Britain.

3D laser scanning can take sections and pick up unique details that may go overlooked by someone else. It takes less time because groups of people do not have to go inspect it. The scanning device can be attached to a drone, and one person can stand back and control it.

This technology allows for all dimensions of the railway to be seen, textures, colors, pipes, and internal structures that are hard to see. A model can be created from these scans and can be analyzed by an engineer who will pick up any abnormalities on the railway.

How do drones and 3D laser scanning work

Drones are objects that fly by using propellers attached to motors and have a human who controls the system enabling them to go to specific locations. 3D laser scanning devices are generally smaller objects that take rapid pictures of a scene or items. It can sometimes pick up thousands of images per second and gather information on a place. It can capture data points that make an object unique and different. All of the information gets sent to a CAD or computer-aided design program to be saved and studied.

Final thoughts

This partnership will help create safer railways around Britain. This partnership was developed over the last several years with the key focus of drone management. The use of drones and 3D laser scanning will change how maintenance and repairs are done on the railways and will help ensure safer travel.

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