Pixel 5 Release

Adding a new level of security

Mobile phones are a massively growing market because everyone wants the world at their fingertips these days. Our world is advancing, and that means our phones are too. We can access information easier than ever before and even pay without wallets by tapping phones to other screens. We have simplified our lives in many ways by using cell phones. However, consumers are always worried about the safety of their information and how things get stored.

The last Pixels phone added in a high tech 3D laser scanning device that acted as face sensors for extra protection, but they decided for the next one they wanted something new. Now pixels have come out with the latest version that uses fingerprint scanners for extra protection.

3D laser scanning makes phones less likely to be broken in. It keeps your information stored inside of the phone, keeps it secure, and allows it so only the user can get in. A fingerprint scanner instead of a face scanner is less likely for a phone to be breached. Generation 4 will no longer use facial recognition at all. It seems that the newest version of the Pixels phone will have a faster and safer technology embedded in it.

There will be two different versions to choose from, there will be the small version and extra-large version 100 dollars in difference. Both will come with outstanding cameras better than the previous version, and faster charging. Of course, it will come with a 3D laser scanning device that will allow you to use your fingerprint to get on your new phone. There is no doubt that all of these new updates will make consumers ultra-happy with their latest gadgets.

How 3D laser scanning works

This technology was created in the 1960s but was never widely adopted until later on in the 1990s. It went from giant chunky cameras to small handheld devices. Now more than a decade after that, it can be embedded into phones for an extra layer of protection.

It works by taking rapid pictures of an object, and at the same time, it points several laser beams at the object. The laser beams are being measured the distance they travel and at what point they hit the object. Each tiny detail is picked up by the lasers and camera to capture a full picture. This technology is some of the most precise in the world.

Who else can use this technology

The wild thing about 3D laser scanning is that it is no longer just for people who are into technology. It is for anyone who has the need to acquire accurate information on something. This tool is perfect for students who need to learn about objects in the world but access them at home in detail on the computer. This is great for officers collecting information on a crime scene or accident. It is also good for construction teams to gather information on a site they are working on. 3D laser scanning has come so far, and we are learning to take advantage of it in many fields.

Final thoughts

This technology has changed our world and continues to change everything. We are putting it in the technology we use every single day. As more companies see others use 3D laser scanning, they will also use it to update their devices and gadgets being sold on the market.

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