Reconstructing Roadways Sustainably

Technology makes it faster and more efficient

For many years we have adopted technology to make our lives easier and create higher quality products. Now we have 3D laser scanning devices that allow us to create incredible things we use all the time. These devices will enable us to create products, but they also allow us to reduce any risks that come with making the products. Creating fewer risks in a workplace is a huge benefit of 3D laser scanning devices.

A Czech based company called Control Systems CA has started using their 3D laser scanning equipment to help build roads throughout Canada. Every year roads need to be rehabilitated for safe use, and construction teams are responsible for taking the surveys, creating a plan, and rebuilding. It is a long and tedious process that 3D laser scanning devices can help with.

“Prior to any road work, this technology can run scans to provide an in-depth profile of the road, down to a millimetre precision, and will detail such issues as soft spots or potential risks for water pooling,” states Antonio Bauce. He is the lead spokesperson for the company.

For many reasons, this technology is being adopted all over the world by different companies because they are starting to see the benefits of using this fantastic technology. There is nothing like equipment that can help create a safer and sustainable world.

The benefits of using 3D laser scanners

The 3D laser scanning device from Control Systems CA has helped rebuild many roads in Canada. This 3D laser scanning equipment has not only provided a sustainable way to recreate safer roads but has cut construction time in half. The construction team can pick up many details of a surface area quicker than having someone go inspect the surrounding area first.

With the 3D laser scanning device, they can ensure the correct pieces of the road are redone, and the drainage is not damaged. All of these are crucial elements when rebuilding a road, and being able to map the plan out quicker greatly reduces construction time. This will also improve the flow of traffic. It means people will sit in less traffic thanks to the reduction of construction time.

How 3D laser scanning works

The construction team sends a team out who can use a handheld device, or attach it to a moving mobile. The machine then takes rapid pictures of a scene collecting all of the information about the road. From the scans, they will be able to see which pieces of the road are the most important. The files get sent to the cloud and can be saved and shared with other team members. It creates a faster way to communicate and plan strategically.

Final Thoughts

3D laser scanning has been used in many areas and is continuously being adopted in construction sites. The equipment is budget-friendly and provides many reasons a team would want to utilize this technology. It can drastically change how we update and maintain infrastructure, and how well we take care of our cities.

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