Rehab With 3D Laser Scanning

Using technology to gain greater insights into the human body

3D laser scanning is one of the hottest topics in the world. It has grown exponentially in uses and has recently just entered the medical field. Now it is being used to help rehabilitate athletes and help identify what is wrong and what needs work on an athlete’s body. There are now many different kinds of scanners that can help a variety of cases. On top of rehabbing old athletes, it can also help identify new athletes by doing a full-body scan.This 3D laser scanning device is called Styku 3D and has been used to study 49 students to measure their body and study it. They used it to find out if they were of healthy weight, BMI, and how they worked as athletes. Every human body is different, and this 3D laser scanning device captures all of this information. With this full-body scanner, they can see how the athletes perform and what parts of their body make them perform so well.This technology is some of the fastest and most advanced technology in the world. This specific scanner is meant to help rehabilitate athletes and observe those with the best abilities. This will allow researchers to gain greater insight into human bodies and what makes them function well.

What different kinds of 3D laser scanning devices are there

With so many companies focusing on producing 3D laser scanning devices, there are many options for different industries now.

Handheld scanners

These scanners are smaller than the other scanners, but they can scan massive structures and most rooms in buildings. Researchers can use this for creating virtual tours of historical sights and facilities.

Body Scanners

These are scanners that can take accurate measurements of a human body. Sometimes they come as something a person will lay down in; other times, it comes standing, and all a person has to do is walk into it. This is a unique piece of equipment because doctors can use it, but so can other people. There have been many cases where 3D laser scanning that comes to as a full-body scanner can be used to make movies and music videos.

Feet Scanners

This type of 3D laser scanning device is used for podiatrists and others who work in the feet industry. This can help a company make custom-made shoes or study their feet to create custom insoles. Usually, someone will stand right on the machine, and the scanner will bounce over their feet, collecting all information.

How does 3D laser scanning work

Any one of these types of 3D laser scanning devices all works in kind of the same way. A camera takes rapid pictures of an object or person. At the same time, a laser roams back and forth, collecting the rest of the information. The 3D laser scanning device can see much more than just the person or object; it can see things like size, dimensions, texture, color, and more. This equipment is so precise it has proved to be very useful for a variety of industries.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is changing how we study people and patients. Soon, we will pinpoint who will make the best athlete, and who may need rehab before the injury occurs. This allows us to protect our athletes and help keep their bodies in some of the best shapes. Technology is updating our life in many ways.

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