Riddles with 3D Laser Scanning

A new way to solve a puzzling mystery

3D laser scanning was not always as popular as it is now. It started out with a lot of flaws that needed to be worked out, and because of that, it was not well adopted until the late 1990s. To this day, it has changed our world and has become one of the trendiest technological subjects, and is now even being used in riddles. No one knew what 3D laser scanning would bring us, but it has brought us many new discoveries, for some new hobbies, for others a way to fully research something.

This technology uses laser lights that shine down on an object and collects information that would not typically be seen. It comes in a handheld device, though it wasn’t always that way, it is easy to maneuver and straightforward to use. It collects data like texture, color, size, shape, all dimensions, and it gets very close to the object. This makes it one of the best ways to get really accurate information about an object.

3D laser scanning is noninvasive, super precise, and relatively budget-friendly. This technology has created a very competitive market, because so many companies have adopted the use of it, and others have created companies based on making the best version of 3D laser scanning. By 2025 the industry for this tool will be worth over a few billion dollars.

The riddle to test your brain

Zach Wissner-Gross comes out with weekly riddles to tease your brain. The next week he gives you the answers to the puzzles. On May 1st, he gave a riddle that used 3D laser scanning, you were to take the information and figure out what the answer was. It involved someone named Dakota, who had a beautiful diamond, but she disappeared but left the 3D laser scanning device. From the information, you had to figure out the shape and size.

It was a well thought out riddle, that gave us a fun twist on how 3D laser scanning could be used. If you’re interested in the answer or more of the details, you can read that here. Zach has posted many fun riddles that you may enjoy reading, but this one, in particular, is phenomenal because it showcases technology in a new way.

Final thoughts

Many other people have started using this technology, it makes a wonderful study aid. Also, because it is noninvasive, it is excellent for doctors who need to take a quick full-body scan of a patient. It allows them to see below the surface, finding any abnormalities in the body. It has also grown in the police field, helping protect our cities and even putting away the bad guys by capturing real-time footage of places.

3D laser scanning has shaped the way we see the world and has now entered the riddling universe. Soon we will have children’s stories that involve this incredible technology. As it advances, so will we, researchers, and storytellers will find new ways to use it and share about it. Many people have started using this technology because it is one of the best ways to capture and share information with others around the world.

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