Safety Increases in Oil and Gas Sites with 3D Scanning

Helping the sites become more productive and profitable

Oil and gas sites can be dangerous, but with the help of technology, they are becoming safer. 3D laser scanning has improved our world in many ways helping the safety of our citizens and creating environments that are fully observed before sending any human in. It promotes the health and safety of a site that is usually deemed dangerous.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology uses a device that can be small and handheld or attached to a moving body to take scans of objects or scenes. It takes rapid pictures, sometimes thousands per second gathering vital information. It captures things like dimensions of objects, textures, holes, cracks, scratches, and everything in between. 3D laser scanning can scan a lot of land at a fast pace, making it one of the most useful tools for professionals to use.

Once the information is collected, it is then sent to the cloud, where it can be saved forever. This makes it one of the best references to use in the future, you can compare scans finding any problem areas or things that have changed. After the cloud, the information can be sent to an editing system, it can be printed or turned into virtual reality for others to see.

There are many uses for this technology, many construction sites are using this tool, students have started using 3D laser scanning, and even forensic investigators. It is for many different kinds of professionals, and as this technology develops, it will expand in different areas.

Who is using this tech now

Two companies have partnered to help improve the safety of gas and oil sites. Two companies Kleinfelder and AltaML, one an engineering and design company and the other a 3D reality scanning company, have come together to make a fantastic team. Their goal is to combine what they do and create a way for organizations to remain safe while gathering accurate information on an oil site.

“The goal is to basically put higher quality safety plant recommendations in front of inspectors so that they can catch the ones that require more attention earlier on and spend less time looking at safety infractions or concerns that didn’t need to be looked at in the first place,” says Chris Fletcher manager form AltaML.

3D laser scanning can help a site become more productive and more profitable. This technology will l become quickly adopted as more sites start to understand the benefits, they can receive from using this technology. It can capture an entire place quickly, letting the team have all the information they need to move on with a project in a short manner of time.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has changed our lives and promoted a higher standing of living throughout the world. This technology is for anyone who needs to gather information for the future and have a reference that will never be deleted. It has been adopted in many different fields and will continue to grow. It is one of the most useful technological tools on the market, and many companies are competing to make the newest and best version of this tool.

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