Smart Glasses Are Fitted With 3D Laser Scanning

Custom fit to your specifications

Technology has been advancing far beyond what anyone would have thought. The latest news in technology is for people with glasses! Google has come out with glasses that work a lot like a smartwatch. These glasses can tell you how many steps you took, weather, location, and much more! Fear not; even if you do not wear glasses, you still may be able to get a pair.

To get a good fit, you need to see a professional who has access to 3D laser scanning devices. This will help take accurate measurements of your head, shape of eyes, and critical facial features. If you require regular glasses, they have specially made lenses that can help you see with your prescription.

There are some catches to these new glasses. They are thicker, they take a little longer to get to you, and they are continuously being updated. On top of that, you will have to make an appointment to see someone who has access to a 3D laser scanning device, so they can send data to the company that makes Google glasses.

How much are Google glasses

These are some of the coolest glasses to choose from. This is because it incorporates all parts of the latest technology to get you the best glasses you could ever own. They use 3D laser scanning; they are able to set up a mini-computer inside your glasses and connect to your smartphone.

Depending on the size, style, color, and what your specific requirements are, these glasses can be anywhere from $600-$1,000. If you need a specific prescription for your glasses, this will also affect the price.

Is 3D laser scanning safe

To get Google glasses, you have to show up at a physical store to use 3D laser scanning. How safe is it? How does it work? This technology uses a laser beam that roams over an object, or this case a person’s face, all while taking rapid pictures. The laser is a light that measures the bounce of the light from a person’s face back to the device. The pictures gather microscopic details that are essential for making these glasses.

How safe is it to shine a light on your face? Over the year’s technology has become much more reliable. This will not cause cancer, and it will in no way damage you. It merely helps get accurate measurements non-invasively. It will not cause any damage to your skin and eyes. This tool can be the best way to get precise measurements of multiple individual people. Each pair is customized to you, with no harm done.

When was 3D laser scanning created

Believe it or not, this technology wasn’t always in use for everyday things like the creation of glasses. It was created in the 1960s but didn’t wasn’t adopted until the late 1990s when most of the kinks were worked out. Now it has advanced incredibly and becoming a part of our daily lives. Using 3D laser scanning, we can now save digital models of almost anything, 3D print models, or even create virtual reality. It some of the most incredible technology on the market and will continue to be adopted throughout the world.

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