3D Laser Scanning Services Are Speeding Up New Home Construction

Affordable homes in less time, for less money

For the last few years, we have heard that 3D printing is on the rise. What some of you may not know is that without an accurate way to collect data, it can be hard to get a good object from the printer. That’s where 3D laser scanning services comes in. Both of these fantastic pieces of technology have come so far and have entered many surprising fields that are reaping advantages they never had before.

As we move closer to a society that relies on technology, we see more and more people adopt these tools. They are now so major in our world that individuals can acquire these tools for their own personal uses. On top of that, they are also being inserted in construction teams to actually help build our houses.

One company, in particular, is using 3D laser scanning services and printing to build tiny homes around the United States. This company called Mighty Buildings started in Oakland, California, with the goal to provide affordable homes, in less time, for less money. This company can provide you with a studio house or even up to three bedrooms.

How does it work?

Firstly the construction team has to use a 3D laser scanning device that allows them to scan the surrounding area. They need to know how large an area is, any problems surrounding the area, and create a plan that allows them to move quickly and efficiently.

The inspections of an area would typically take a week or even more to get an accurate layout of the land. 3D laser scanning allows them to minimize that time but still have access to accurate information. The team can upload all of the data to CAD software that lets them edit and develop plans.

One of the best features of this device is that it allows them to create a way for the entire team to see the land without needing to be there in person. It will enable them to communicate the plan openly and get feedback in real-time. In return, this allows the house to be built much faster.

next step is 3d printing

After the 3D laser scanning is complete, the team inserts the information into a massive 3D printer. This acts as a computer that reads the data and lays out the design perfectly. It uses massive arms that are controlled by the entered coordinates. It ejects material that is used for the house’s walls, floors, and more. As it is building, an electrician can be called in to ensure there are lights. A plumber can come in and work as well. As the house is being built, the necessary people can also work inside of it.

Final Thoughts

3D laser scanning services and printing have created a way for us to build homes much faster and way cheaper. This helps us move to a sustainable society, and there is no chance of losing its popularity. We can’t wait to see what it brings us in the near future. 

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