Sustainable Resort Concept is on the Rise Thanks To 3D Laser Scanning Services


Habitas has a mission of creating a sustainable resort that protects the land and allows people to relax. This company was founded in 2016 in Tulum, Mexico, but has expanded throughout the world, creating luxury and sustainable resorts. They use 3D laser scanning services and printing to make this a reality. 

They help protect the environment while still making beautiful places that people are allowed to visit. This company not only uses 3D printing for their luxury resorts but also in their own factory for the main structural components. This also helps them remain sustainable as a company. 

For every tree they take and cut down, one is replaced within the same area. Habitas is truly a company that emphasizes minimizing the environmental impact they have through construction. They believe there is beauty in sustainability and that the latest cutting-edge technology can help them achieve their goals. 

Everything within the hotels is purchased from locals to help boost the local economy. Their latest hotel will feature a fully sustainable 3D printed hotel with farm-to-table restaurants, an oceanfront pool, a holistic spa, an organic herb garden, and guests’ activities. Everything you would hope to find in a hotel and more. 

How does 3D printing work with 3D laser scanning services?

The partnership between 3D laser scanning services and 3D printing is fantastic. The two work together to create unique objects that are one of a kind. How do these pieces of technology work? Good question!

There are so many kinds of 3D laser scanning services, but the principle is the same. It collects information rapidly through sensors or pictures that can pick up microscopic details. These details are saved in the cloud and then get sent to computer-aided design software. This is where the magic truly happens. The images or information that has been collected can be developed and edited further. 

3D printing reads this information from the CAD software. Layer by layer, it reads the images like directions and prints them out. It can use various materials that go through the machine and out the nozzle to print. The hot material then hardens once it reaches the surface. This technology can come in small options meant for home use or big options to help a construction team.

Does 3D printing work for all construction?

For most projects, 3D printing can be the ultimate tool to help streamline the project. A few construction teams who build homes have adopted this technology for faster, more accurate results. This resort, using this streamlined process, should be done in four months or less. 3D laser scanning can be used to acquire exact measurements of a location and feed that data to the printer. 

Final thoughts

There is something so unique about 3D laser scanning services and printing. It can truly help make anything more sustainable. However, you can’t rely solely on 3D laser scanning to adopt the. You have to have the right practices to be sustainable. Habitas is a prime example. They not only preach sustainability, they do everything in their power to make it happen. They support the local economy, plant trees when necessary, and thrive on being better. We can’t wait to see how their latest resort turns out. 

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