Teachers Benefit from Technology

Changing the face of film and arts literally and figuratively

3D laser scanning is some of the most versatile equipment on the market, and it has entered a diverse range of jobs. Teachers worldwide now understand what this technology can bring to the table, and because of that, they are adopting it easier than ever before. The Carson center that is also connected to Johnny Carson School of Theater, takes a few students every year and teaches them. Part of the curriculum now involves learning about 3D laser scanning and how it has changed film.

Amazing things have been done in a film using 3D laser scanning. It is changing more than just the technological world. It changes the way we see movies, let us walk into video games, do our makeup, and more. A lot of this involves the arts of all kinds, and it is vital to teaching students how technology is shaping this industry. As we evolve, we rely on technology to create the most advanced scene or look that we could not have done without it.

How 3D laser scanning is changing teaching

The coolest thing about 3D laser scanning is it is not just for researchers anymore; it is also a new teaching tool. Not only are professors adding learning about this technology in their curriculum, but they also use it to their advantage.

This is one of the best ways to get access to information a teacher would not typically have. Someone from across the world can use a 3D laser scanning device to obtain information. Then in a matter of minutes, send it to a teacher.

They can create virtual reality, 3D models, and computer animation for their students to see with the information. This allows kids to have access to a potentially unlimited amount of knowledge and to understand things they never would have the opportunity to understand.

This is an excellent tool for any school to have, not just for a performing arts school. This is great for students studying archeology and the need to see bones and how they are excavated. As well as interior design students who need accurate dimensions of a room.

How 3D laser scanning is changing film and arts

One makeup artist Kazu Hiro found that through 3D laser scanning, he could transform the actresses and actors into a totally new being. This shaped the makeup seen throughout the movie and helped him create pieces for their faces that had to be glued every time they rehearsed and filmed.

Dior uses 3D laser scanning to create stunning commercials that would never have been made if it weren’t for this fantastic technology. Lastly, many artists create entire music videos through 3D laser scanning, allowing them to be at any location. Or so it seems.

Final thoughts

This technology is so incredible and has changed the way we see music videos, how we do makeup, and has created a totally new world for us to live in. It is crucial to teach this technology in classes, especially a school that revolves around the film industry. What we have done is extraordinary, and this technology will continue to expand in other categories.

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