3D Scanner Pioneeringscanner

Based in Moscow, Thor3D has be come one of the leading companies in 3D technology pioneering. Just this year they released their first 3D scanner called the “Thor 3D Scanner” and has already beginning to release their newest creation, the Drake scanner.

The new Drake is handheld, portable & wireless 3D scanner made to capture objects both large and small. It has a built-in computer and a 7 in touchscreen, making it easy to use on the go. The Drake compiles the data in real time that can be transferred via wi-fi or USB. With the capabilities of a traditional handheld 3D scanner, the Drake can also capture sharp edges and thin plastic walls.

Drake 3D Scanner: Versatile and User Friendly

This particular devise is a white light scanner equipped with 3 different lenses depending on the field of view needed for the object you scan. Depending on the lenses you use to scan, the Drake’s max accuracy is between 40-200 microns and resolution between 0.15-1.00 mm. The beauty of this multiple lens  system is that you do not every have to recalibrate the scanner when changing the lenses. The Drake also has two projectors, rather than the standard one projector in most other 3D scanning systems. In addition to the scanner, the Thor3D desktop software is included for viewing and editing.

Thor3D will be releasing the Drake first-run shipments in November 2016. With this latest edition, Thor3D continues its quest for the optimal 3D scanning systems that are incredibly accurate, portable and user friendly. For more information about Thor3D click here. Check out this behind the scenes clip of the Drake 3D scanner.