Uncovering the Past with 3D Scanning

Recently, researchers from Lund University have utilized 3D scanning technologies to dive back int the past and recreate a villa from the ancient city of Pompeii. But the goal of the project was not to capture the ruins as they are today, but to recreate what it once was before the destruction caused by the legendary eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

For centuries, historians & researchers have been drawn to Pompeii due to the impressive preservation of the ruins and human remains. Always finding new ways to further study and understand the past, these researchers have now adopted 3D scanning technologies to further understand this historical site.

Since 2000, the Swedish Pompeii Project has been actively participating in research projects in order to uncover more information about this historical site. The main goal is to gather as much intel as possible before any further destruction occurs such as an earthquake or the inevitable erosion of time.

3D Scanning Unveils Details From Our History

During their time there, the researchers were able to uncover many details of ancient Pompeiian life. They uncovered 3 large villas, a tavern, laundromat, bakery and many home gardens. They uncovered water taps that suggested flowing water from aqueducts before the eruption. They also found windows that were still intact as well as sewer systems.

Equipped with Faro’s Focus 3D long range scanner and drones, these Lund researchers have been able to accumulate massive amounts of point cloud data about Pompeii. Using this data, they were able to create 3D virtual building restorations to view them as they were before the devastation of Vesuvius.  

Even though excavating the actual remains of Pompeii was educational and eye-opening, the 3D reconstructions give us a completely new lens to look through at the ancient town and their way of life. These 3D models allow us to fully immerse ourselves into the ancient past, giving us a truly better understanding of history. With the addition of 3D scanning technologies, there is no telling what mysteries of the past will be uncovered next. For more information regarding the research, go to the Lund University website, here. Or visit the Sweedish Pompeii Project website, here. For more information about 3D scanning technologies, Arrival 3D has you covered.