USS Ship Is Being 3D Laser Scanned

Helping preserve a part of history

Creating digital copies of historic ships and objects is more important than ever before. Our world is becoming an online world, and it is time for us to keep up. This is a significant moment in history where we now understand that there is no turning back and no returning what technology has done for us. Now, the latest event to happen is a full scan of the USS in San Diego has happened, and we can now preserve the copies digitally. This has been done using 3D laser scanning and took two months to complete.

Every single ship is different, and it is important to capture all the specific information to the individual ship. In the future, having accurate details can help detail the ship, reconstruct it, and even remodel it. Having the most accurate information possible is important to the captain of the ship and everyone aboard it.

Typically, the design was drawn up, and as it was built, the drawing was added to. Now it is easier than ever before to gather information, add it to the original and keep track of all those changes. This technology has made way for us to keep precise records through data collecting.

How does this technology work

This technology works by gathering information and data at a rapid pace and storing it in the cloud. A device takes rapid pictures from every angle while a laser beam is projected from the device. The pictures collect images from every nook and cranny of the place. It will gather data like textures, pipes, holes, ceilings, cracks, and anything in between. It gives the layout all the visuals. At the same time, the laser collects data like widths, lengths, and heights of places. This gives the data definition and precision.

3D laser scanning is some of the most precise and advanced technology on the market. This makes it perfect to use when gathering information on a massive project. It allows future generations to be able to access this data and allows researchers to understand how everything works together to run properly.

Who else can use this technology

3D laser scanning is meant for anyone who wants to preserve things digitally. This means doctors who need to keep accurate records, or dentists looks to take a closer look at a patient. This is great for teachers who are trying to share sensitive information with their students they could otherwise not get. It is also good for designers who want to see how the layout is and mimic it in their own setting. 3D laser scanning is also wonderful for those who are remodeling and rebuilding something that is historical.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is a non-invasive way to gather the smallest details, preserve copies of monumental objects. All of this can be saved for future generations. It gives us hope that the younger people in our future will have a chance to learn and research some of the impressive things we have done.

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