Virtual reality: transforming the tourism industry

With virtual reality, you can travel the world without leaving your couch! While you can’t experience the world, you can see it and simulate it with exciting places around the globe. As technology is changing the way people travel,  VR is likely to bring a shift in the entire tourism industry in the coming years. Today, companies are mixing VR with other budding technologies such as 360-degree video capture to create an immersive customer experience. The big opportunities of VR are helping consumers make decisions about where to travel. VR is lending a helping hand to the tourism industry by allowing travelers to witness the holiday destination even before booking their tickets.

Thanks to VR, the traveling experience is unique, and customers are reaching the destination of their choice and creating memories for a lifetime.

virtual reality Influences the customer journey

A bouquet of virtual reality apps allows the customers to sit in different vehicles to explore destinations such as theme-park and archaeological sites. Using the app customers get to tailor the tour according to their preference by selecting the trip either under sunlight or moonlight. While the customer cruise along, they get to witness the nearby areas. If you choose a tour which goes through a jungle, you can attract and feed the virtual fishes. The experience will force you to book tickets of the place without a second thought. Furthermore, you can stop the ride at various locations to get a glimpse of the surrounding scenic beauty.  Most of the VR tours are short but are worth a try because sitting on your couch in India; you can get a virtual tour of Disneyland in Paris.

virtual reality Accelerates the marketing campaign

For the travel industry, virtual reality is the ideal supplement for their marketing and promotional campaign. Today, hotels are jumping on board and providing an immersive experience to the customers. A sneak-peek into the hotel room and the facilities will pique the interest of the target audience. By leveraging the advantages of this cutting-edge technology, you can bolster your brands and improve the brand recognition around the globe. VR is becoming a lethal tool in the arsenal of marketers looking to leave a lasting impact in the tourism sector. The tourism sector is likely to witness an accelerating adoption in the VR due to the numerous benefits offered by the 3D technology.

Generates high return

Undoubtedly, virtual reality requires massive capital because industries are still hesitant to adopt it. However, travel companies which are taking the risk and investing in VR are witnessing a high return on investment. Tour operators who provide 360-degree videos and immersive VR experience, see an increase in the direct booking. The transformative experience is likely to bring about a sea change in the way customers book their travel destinations.

As marketers, you need to implement the latest technologies like VR to reach the target audience. These innovations will benefit your business in the long-run.

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