Will In-Home Consultations Be Necessary?

Convenience is on the side of the home owner

Remodelmate is a company based in Charlotte that is an open and honest company. Their goal is to make homeowners feel more comfortable and confident using their services. This company takes the time to video call each client looking to get a quote, learn what materials would be best to use, and veto the in-home consultation.

They have now created an app that uses 3D laser scanning, allowing homeowners to scan their own bathroom, collect all information, and send it for accurate quotes on how much it would be to upgrade their bathroom. There is no doubt that this is more comfortable than letting a stranger into your home.

This is an excellent way for companies to save money, for everyone to save time, and to still get accurate quotes on cost. Many people will find out the small details without wasting anyone’s time and make an appropriate decision on what they want to do. Adding in the 3D laser scanning device was another smart way to let clients be in control.

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning for consultations

This technology is some of the most advanced in the world, and it is becoming easily accessible. Many people can now take scans of their bathrooms when they want and give it to their company for a quote by creating a phone app. This allows time to be saved by not scheduling for a stranger to inspect your home.

The tool is totally noninvasive, and it feels much strangers than having someone you don’t know if your house. The information sent is totally safe and will not leak your information. Best of all, it is affordable and not a pricey thing to add to a company’s budget. It is not something a person will need to spend millions on.

The information can be sent to the company. They can edit the images, see what material they need to use, create a 3D model, or turn it into virtual reality. All these steps help give a homeowner an accurate quote that would typically take a massive amount of work. This cuts out a lot of work and time on both sides.

Remodelmate is changing that way; someone looks at remodeling. This company is transparent and believes in being efficient. They are changing the way clients look at renovation by offering them better prices and more control. They keep people safe, make people feel comfortable, and change the way we use 3D laser scanning.

This technology can be used for more

For a few years, ‘ architects, designers, and construction workers have slowly adopted technology to create beautiful buildings, rooms, and roads. This is a budget-friendly way to collect the most valuable information that would typically take hours to obtain.

Architects can create 3D models, use building materials, and see how they would withstand real life. This makes it incredibly useful. Designers can take measurements of a room and keep the room with them at all times on a tablet or phone. They will never pick up the wrong item, or piece of furniture that does not fit. A construction team will know the exact steps they have to take to make something safer and more efficient for others.

3D laser scanning has opened a world of possibilities. Entire companies are using this equipment to create better and more meaningful projects that give customers complete control. As this technology develops and advances, more people will start using it.

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