3 Hidden Benefits of Hiring a professional for real estate photography

Real estate photography is not just an essential aspect of realtor marketing; instead, it’s fast becoming the essential one. With the penetration of technology, customers prefer to search a listing online, instead of physically going to see the property. As a real estate agent, if you’re looking to attract more buyers, you need to hire the services of a real estate photographer who can take your business to the next level with sharp and authentic photos of the house. Such professional photographs will sell quicker and fetch a higher price than the market. Always remember that the customers prefer looking at the photos instead of reading the description of the property. According to research, 92% of home buyers use an online resource to search for their home at least once during their purchasing process.

professional real estate photography benefits

1) Professional real estate photography fetches a higher price

The professional pictures are of higher value when compared to photos clicked using a Smartphone. Properties with attractive photos attract the potential buyers online, which will result in a higher cost. Whether you’re selling a new home or old construction, professional real estate photography showcases the intricate details of the property which is missed by normal photographs. Investing in a professional photographer is a  one-time investment because it will generate more leads and attract more views on Google. And, when the image reaches a wider range of audience, the chances of selling a house at a quoted price are higher. Therefore, it’s imperative to use a professional for your property marketing strategy.


2) Creates a positive first impression

Your first impression is the last impression – the quote perfectly describes the state of real estate. A customer who comes across an image showcasing a dirty and dingy property will never contact the property agent. Why? The image has created such a negative impression of the house. The first visual impression of the home is very crucial in real estate marketing as it helps in holding the interest of the target audience. Using photos with proper lighting, colors, and sharpness, you can entice the customers into looking further at your property. Hiring a professional is your best bet because they know how to use the light, color, and composition to make the images appealing to the viewers.

3) Creates an emotional connection

Professional images of a home can inspire emotions because images wordlessly explain the circumstances and showcase the real mood of the subject. The image processing power of the human brain helps in building a connection with the audience. Your customers are not going to spend time reading the description of the property; they’re going to spend the first 30 seconds looking at the photos of the listing. The first 30 seconds have a significant impact on the opinion of the buyers.

Using a professional for real estate photography makes a home more appealing, and buyers unconsciously assign a higher value to such properties! Click here to learn more about real estate photography with Arrival 3D!

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